WWE Smackdown! *Spoilers* (2/22/05) - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Report by: wrestlingobserver.com

Smackdown taping:

The program begins with a recap of Raw and Batista's decision (isn't this Smackdown I am attending?). The next graphic that airs is that we are all invited to JBL's championship reign party since he is the longest WWE Title holder in a decade. UGH, I feel a 20 minute plus yackfest coming. My question is if my math is correct Diesel would be the longest reigning champ from Nov 1994 till Nov 1995 but who's counting! Also Linda McMahon makes a ruling on the fate of Teddy Long! Plus in a double jeopardy match (a new name for a handicap match) it's Undertaker vs. Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak.

Viva la raza! Eddie and Rey come out in the low rider convertible and we have:

WWE tag title match: Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero (c) vs. Basham Brothers

So we get a rematch already from No Way Out and will Eddie turn heel this time? During the course of the match Rey is knocked off the apron by one of the Bashams and of course Eddie wants to make a tag and there is no Rey. Seen this, over this. Rey did come back to tag in and it did look like the titles may switch when Rey accidentally hits a 619 on Eddie. Rey recovers and nails a Basham with the 619 and drops the dime and they retain the titles. No heel turn yet folks. Eddie and Rey hug at the end with no heat.

The Divas are in the back and Virgil, I mean Orlando Jordan, comes in and cordially invites them to JBL's gala. Torrie, Jackie Gayda, Rochelle, Michelle and Lauren are there. No Dawn, guess she's still smarting from the bodyslam Michelle gave her at No Way Out.

Kurt Angle challenge is up next. Some guy from South Philly. After stating his name he said he had a question for Angle. He asked how it felt to lose a huge #1 contender's match to Cena at the PPV. Angle looks like he may cry and then attacks the kid. 3:00 clock is up on screen and Angle has him finished a few times but pulls him up before a three count to further torture him. Finally the ankle lock is applied and the kid taps at the 2:20 mark. Tazz next gets in the ring and shows Kurt Shawn Michaels challenge clip from Raw. Tazz asks him what he thinks and Angle just throws the microphone down and leaves.

JBL is next shown backstage with Orlando Jordan trying to get dressed for his celebration party and his wounds from the PPV prevent him from wearing his hat. He rambles on about his title reign, Big Show and the PPV and Cena. Other clips show limos outside with people getting out that are attending the formal gala.

I believe this is where they played the end of the Barbed wire cage match to keep us occupied while they set up the red carpet and decorated the ring for JBL's shindig. If watching once wasn't enough.

The gala attendees file out in tuxedos and evening gowns. Notable guests are the divas and TEAM BLONDAGE Amber O Neal and Krissy Vaine. They do get some camera shots so look for the two hot blondes in black dresses. I had hoped they would get a wrestling tryout tonight but Kazarian was more important. :(

Orlando and the Bashams come out first and then the man himself, JBL. Orlando is on the mike and gives him a total suckup introduction of how great he is as champ. They have something in the ring covered with a red cloth and it is a portrait of the champ with his title.
More yacking by JBL about how wonderful he is and the crowd gives him heat. He then rips on how Philadelphia sucks and our sports teams, mainly the Eagles, can't do anything right.
This gets even more boos. Finally after some more ranting about the PPV match Sunday, Big Show comes out with a bandage wrapped around his head like a sweatband. He tries to clear house and all the attendees scramble in fear. The Cabinet and JBL take control and Cena's music hits. Cena runs in and he and Show clear out JBL and crew. Teddy Long comes out and says since he is still GM he is making a match tonight! It will be John Cena and the Big Show vs. Orlando Jordan and JBL!

DIVA's South of the Border promo set to JET's "Are You Gonna be My Girl" plays while the staff tear apart what was left of the set to JBL's party after JBL and Cena crashed it.

Chavo Guerrero vs. Funaki for the Crusierweight title was next. Chavo retains. We had fun heckling him about Chavo Classic and Pepe. Ok match.

Not sure of the order as I am getting tired now and this is all from memory so I believe the Double Jeopardy match was next:

Undertaker vs. Mark Jindrak/Luther Reigns

Taker destroys Jindrak. Reigns doesn't want to tag in and basically Taker's entrance was most likely longer than the match. Jindrak goes down after a chokeslam. However after the match Jindrak and Reigns go at it! Looks like another WM 21 match in the works folks! Jindrak goes babyface. Several agents come out to separate the two including Sgt. Slaughter and Ricky Steamboat. Cameras stopped rolling as they continued to brawl.

Next up is the decision we all had been waiting for.

Teddy Long comes out. Says that Linda McMahon is via satellite in Stamford (aka backstage) and will make a ruling tonight. Carlito then comes out and tells Long he's outta here. Linda comes on the screen and says after careful review....Teddy Long stays and she tells Carlito to stop calling and complaining! The crowd starts a Teddy Chant and he tells Carlito that he still works for him and he better be on time and do as he is told or else! Carlito attempts to bite his apple but Teddy grabs it and takes a bite of it but doesn't spit it at him....darn it!

They showed the HHH Braveheart WM 21 promo. I was hoping for a new one tonight. Maybe in post production they will slip one in.

They also showed a BE COOL segment with the Rock. Hmmmmm......

Main Event time!

John Cena/Big Show vs. Orlando Jordan/JBL

Ok match. Cena scores the pinfall on Orlando after the FU. Typical match for these guys.
Cameras most likely go off as Cena and Show head to the back celebrating.

Dark segment:

JBL is still in the ring and starts to rant. This brings out the Undertaker. I assumed we would now get our promised and advertised dark 6 man tag match. However we must apply the *card subject to change* rule for this night. Taker just stared at JBL and he said he wasn't afraid of Taker and he'd give Taker to the count of three to leave. If this sounds familiar I do believe they did this at the SD in Philly last time which was where Taker first challenged JBL for the belt at Summerslam. Well of course JBL said before he got to three that he'd be the better man and leave. At 3 he attacked Taker which got him a chokeslam and a tombstone for his troubles. Taker posed as the purple lights came on and left with his arm raising motion before he went through the curtain. JBL still had the microphone and asked Orlando and the Bashams where they were and he said they were all fired....yeah right. Oh he did mention Amy Weber at one point too and quickly dismissed it. The cabinet attempted to help JBL to his feet at which he fell on his ass. He fired Orlando again...LOL. JBL is very good on the microphone and I found it entertaining.

Overall this show wasn't great but it wasn't bad either. Just too much yacking and not enough wrestling but I guess that's what Velocity and Heat are for.