WWE/TNA Talent Together, Steve Austin Spoofs Gladiator For Mania, & More Notes

Sources: Pro Wrestling Torch & Pro Wrestling Insider

Batista is featured on the cover of Flex Magazine's new edition.

AintItCoolNews.com features the Rock and his next movie Spy Hunter. There are images and information on the movie and you can check that out here.

WWE's Ivory and TNA's A.J. Styles appeared on last Friday's morning show on KRON-TV in San Francisco to promote a Big Time Wrestling show scheduled for that evening in the Bay Area. During the segment, producers ran some action clips of Ivory from her GLOW days. As the tape rolled Ivory laughed about how flat-chested she was back then. At the conclusion of the highlight reel, Ivory openly talk about her experiences with breast implants with the show's hosts. As a matter of fact, Ivory had a handy piece of advice for all of the women wrestlers in the television audience considering breast implant surgery. "Get those puppies double bagged," Ivory said, "They're going to pop!" [Thanks to F. Baugher.]

I am based in Hollywood trying to become an actor, and yesterday I had the chance to work on a WWE WM21 "commercial." It was a parody taken from the movie "Gladiator," with Steve Austin in the role of Russell Crowe. The tag line to the whole bit was, "Tonight Stone Cold raises hell." [Thanks to Aaron.]

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