WWE Releases Backlash Poster & Preview & Edge On Magazine Cover

-Edge is on the cover of Foxtel magazine this month. The article inside the magazine just talks about why so many people still watch WWE and how it continues to draw new viewers in constantly.

-WWE has released a short preview and it's first promo poster for WWE Backlash. Backlash will be the firt PPV to follow up WrestleMania and will be a "Raw" only PPV.

The preview states the following:

When WrestleMania 21 is over, some Superstars will emerge victorious; others will discover that now, the true battle for payback begins when WWE Raw Superstars present WWE Backlash.

The Poster for WWE Backlash has the Backlash logo across the middle of it in orange letters and then going from top to bottom it says "Live on Pay Per View". It also has dark navy blue background with a small light shining down on the bottom of the poster.

Check Out The 2005 WWE Backlash Logo Poster & Edge On Magazine + Details On Tonight's Raw!

Credit: MainEvent & Foxtel