John Cena Discusses His Gimmick, Friendship With Orton, Angle, & More


John Cena talks about WM21 and more in interview.

WWE superstar John Cena was interviewed recently by Jason Clevett from the Wrestle Talk Radio show and the whole 8 minute interview is now archived on the site as part of this week's edition of WTR. The interview will also be available for individual download separate from the full show later this week. At you can find out how you can hear all of the AW weekly shows in new mobile formats compatible with devices like the PSP (Playstation Portable), iPods and more. Plus don't miss AudioWrestling's all-day lineup of shows starting at noon est. on 4/3 with a special edition of Get In the Ring. Also, Scott Hudson will be one of the AudioWrestling guest analysts on a special at 2 P.M. ET.

-John talked about working with Kurt Angle, John thinks Kurt Angle brings out the best in everyone.

-John talks about how his "Vanilla Ice" gimmick has turned into a legit character that has taken him to main event status.

-John talked about working in OVW as "Prototype" and he loved it. John says the character he plays in WWE is basically just an extension of himself. The "Prototype" character was not really much different than what he does as John Cena, but just done on a much larger scale.

-John puts over Samoa Joe. And how Joe helped develop "Thuganomics" with him when John would eat at Joe's house and afterwards they would freestyle in his backyard.

-John puts over young stars like CM Punk and comments on them possibly getting a WWE deal.

-John thinks there is competition between the Raw guys vs. the Smackdown guys. They both want to outdo each other.

-John says Randy Orton is a good friend of his as they worked their way up through the WWE developmental system and was happy to see him win the title last year. John said he would have like to be the one who won the World Title last year instead, but John said he is thankful for everything he has gotten.

-John Cena is 27 right now.

The whole interview is archived in Real Audio at

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