Update On Rochelle Loewen's WWE Status & JBL Interview

Source: PWInsider.com

- Rumors have suggested that SmackDown! Diva Rochelle Loewen has left the company, and that is all they are at this point. Loewen is still listed on the SmackDown! roster page, and still is scheduled to appear with Booker T for a Friday autograph session to promote WrestleMania 21 at a Blockbuster in Torrance, California.

- There is a story about John Bradshaw Layfield returning to his hometown of Sweetwater, Texas in The Sweetwater Reporter. The article has numerous JBL quotes, including his opinion on being in the WrestleMania main-event, and how he is looking forward to the Undertaker-Randy Orton interpromotional match. Read that here.

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