Official WWE SmackDown Preview (3/31) - Last Stop Before WrestleMania


WrestleMania 21 will be a mere three days away when SmackDown! comes to Houston, Texas.

As announced last week, Akebono and Big Show will have an official weigh-in for their Sumo Match in Los Angeles. Both men are expected to tip the scales in a big way.

Meanwhile, will John Cena and JBL be able to control their emotions just days away from their showdown for the WWE Championship? Remember, Cena, unless provoked, can’t touch JBL or he forfeits his chance to compete for the WWE championship at WrestleMania.

And what else could be in store for Carlito? GM Theodore Long has already made him shovel snow, serve hot dogs and dress like Elvis.

Plus, Kurt Angle has one more week to continue to make a mockery of HBK’s career. Last week, he brought former HBK manager Sensational Sherri to the ring. Sherri ended up in an ankle lock for her trouble as Angle continued to send a strong message to the Showstopper. He even showed up on RAW this past week.

What could the Olympic Champ have in store for his finale before the two Superstars square off on April 3?

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