Dark Match, International Heat *Spoilers* (3/28/05) - Fort Worth, Texas

By: LoneStarStateRKO, rajah.com reader

Dark Match
Two "Local" guys vs. Fuerte & ??

I wish I remembered the names of these guys, but I
couldn't hear them from Lillian. Fuerte's team looks
like they have a Mordecai type gimmick or something,
which is funny because his partner I really think was
Mordecai, just with blood red hair. I don't know
though. Fuerte's team wins.

International Heat Tapings- No Announcers for the show

Viscera vs. Val Venis
Viscera wins with the two handed sit down chokeslam

Rosey vs. Russell Simpson
Rosey wins with a HUGE middle-rope legdrop

Chris Masters vs. Jared Steele
God I hate Chris Masters. Masters wins with the
Masterlock (Worst Finisher EVER)

Snitsky vs. Rhyno
Snitsky blocks a Gore with a big boot and then wins
with a reverse DDT.

*Notes From RAW*

-Chris Benoit was bleeding pretty good and was looked
over by a trainer, but refused to be taken on the side
of the ramp as a shortcut or whatever. He went up the
ramp and posed for the crowd who were giving him a
hell of an ovation.

-I dunno about other people in the arena, but I
thought Taker was going to show up. It was pretty
obvious he wasn't going to on TV, but in person during
the countdown of his wins, the ring was filling up
with the fog and Randy was covered by it, and it
seemed like Taker would appear behind Randy like he's
been doing to other people lately.

-The Biggest one in my opinion is that Maven had to be
pulled from ringside by Mike Chioda and Simon Dean
during the HHH promo/after his tag match, because he
took a swing at the sign guy in the front row. (Blue
shirt/red hat) I dunno what that guy said, but Maven
got pissed and took a shot. Couldn't tell if it
connected. Security got there pretty quick, but they
didn't eject the guy, they just had to take Maven back
to the locker room.

-After the show went off the air, Trips went to leave,
but Batista told him that Ft. Worth paid money to see
him whoop somebody's ass. So he asked for a Handicap
match between himself and Flair/HHH. As Evolution got
in the ring, HBK came out and said 2 on 1 wasn't fair.
He didn't say it wasn't fair for Batista, he just said
it wasn't fair. Since Flair wasn't even in his
wrestling gear, it didnt seem right for him to fight.
So HBK dropped Flair with Sweet Chin Music and
declared a one on one match.

Dark Match- Non Title
Batista w/HBK vs. HHH w/Ric Flair
Pretty solid match, about 13-15 minutes long. Nothing
spectacular, but it was nice to see a preview of the
WM21 main event. HBK got a fan kicked out during the
match, because as he chased Flair up the ramp, Flair
got hit with something by a fan, and HBK saw him. So
security took out that guy pretty quick. HHH went for
a Pedigree, was reversed into a catapult and then
Batista ended up hitting the Spinebuster, put his
thumbs down which the crowd went nuts for, and then
gave him The Batista Bomb and won the match 1-2-3.
Afterwards, he shook hands with fans, did a lap around
the ring with a "Game Over" sign, signed autographs,
and then gave his elbow pad and picked up a kid on his
shoulder that was dressed as a mini-Batista complete
with designer suit and shades. It was pretty cool.
Then he went up the ramp, bowed to both sides of the
crowd and left. Very classy guy.

Top Faces
1.) Batista
2.) Chris Benoit
3.) Y2J Chris Jericho

Top Heels
1.) Triple H
2.) Muhammad Hassan
3.) Randy Orton (sucked for me, as he's my favorite)