Dark Match, WWE Velocity *Spoilers* (3/29/05) - Houston, Texas

Report by: pwinsider.com

Smackdown/Velocity tapings: Houston, Texas Reliant Arena
Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Pre-Event News: As we pulled up to the Reliant Arena, there were many signs stating that Smackdown was sold out. That's good news. The bad news is that the Reliant Arena can maybe hold 6,500 fans for a Smackdown, as compared to Toyota Center, which can hold well over 13,000.

Our seats were located third row from the ring, diagonally right from the announce table. The crowd was excited from the opening bell of the first match, and stayed that way pretty much all night long.

There were various and numerous Ric Flair "whoo" chants, not brought on by seemingly anything. I guess the "whoo" was enough. The WrestleMania "Lonely Road of Faith" video played, with Austin and Rock getting the biggest reactions.

Overseas Velocity Tapings:

We didn't see Josh Matthews coming out. In fact, we didn't see any announcers for Velocity all night long.

All match times are from bell to bell.

1. Allbright and Martin (no first names given) v Mike Foxx and Eddy Craven

Foxx and Craven were billed as from Houston to get the hometown pop. Both teams did a good job of keeping the crowd into the match since they didn't know the personalities involved. There was nice action in the match, but that was interrupted by a WWE official confiscating our sign, that read innocently enough "Buy Terry Funk's Book."

Allbright and Martin played heel, and got a "you suck" chant from the Houston fans. Fans also clapped to get behind Foxx and Craven. Craven got the hot tag and showed good fire and the fans responded. Craven got a near fall with a Dibiase-like powerslam, but succumbed to a double team move from Allbright and Martin.

Winners: Allbright and Martin in 5:25

NOTE: During this time, one of our crew went to get something to drink, and came back with a TNA Impact flyer, which was noted by our friend to be all over the building.

2. Nunzio v Akio

Akio had the advantage early, but Nunzio got two near falls with a sunset flip and La Magistral cradle. Akio came back with a dropkick to the stomach and worked over Nunzio's left knee.

Nunzio made a comeback and scored with a belly to back suplex and a crossbody block. He hit a modified rocker dropper on Akio for another near fall. Finally, Akio rolls through a Nunzio pin attempt to get the fall with a roll up and a hand full of tights.

Winner: Akio in 4:18

3. Billy Kidman v Mark Jindrak

Kidman, despite being a heel, actually got a decent face reaction, while Jindrak, unfortunately, got little to nothing. Jindrak scored early with power moves but missed a corner turnbuckle splash and flew out of the ring. Kidman oddly worked over Jindrak's abs, and tried to get him to submit with a modified sugar.

Jindrak would make a comeback punctuated with two nice dropkicks and some power moves. After a corner throw, Jindrak scores with his left hook for the pin.

Winner: Mark Jindrak in 4:17

4. Luther Reigns v John Blitzken

Reigns dominated this entire match, starting out with multiple backbreakers a la Nikolai Volkoff back in the day. Reigns connected with punches, kicks, elbows, and a nice double underhook suplex. Reigns has good facials with the crowd. There's a nice "you suck" chant going for Luther.

Luther finally gets the duke with his finisher, whose name escapes me, but looks like a modified "roll of the dice."

Winner: Luther Reigns in 2:39

5. Bob Holly-Charlie Haas v Jared Steele-Russell Simpson

Simpson and Steele are both local guys from Houston, and Steele normally wrestles as a face on southeast Houston independent cards.

Holly and Haas got great reactions coming out, especially Holly. Haas started out with Simpson and outwrestled him. Simpson slapped Haas, who returned the favor. Haas tagged in Holly, who got a "hardcore" chant, and traded chops with Steele, eventually getting the upper-chop hand.

Steele and Simpson got a brief takeover on Haas due to using a choke from the tag rope. Haas would eventually belly to belly suplex Simpson, and both men tagged out. After some action that saw Simpson clotheslined over the ropes by Haas, Steele was caught by Holly for the Alabama Slam (huge pop for this) and the pin.

Winners: Bob Holly and Charlie Haas in 5:00