Off-Air Notes From WWE Hall Of Fame 2005

WWE aired the Roddy Piper and Hulk Hogan inductions on Spike TV Saturday night, but skipped over the rest of the ceremony, which featured the installment of several other wrestling notables into the WWE Hall Of Fame.

-- Randy Orton inducted his father, while also acknowledging his grandfather's presence in the crowd. Bob Orton offered little in the way of a speech.

-- Jim Ross inducted Nikolai Volkoff, who gave an emotional speech about having to represent the very country he was so eager to leave during his WWE run.

-- Sgt. Slaughter inducted Iron Sheik, who gave a entertaining and, at times, incoherent speech that even got Gene Okerlund a bit frustrated.

-- Bobby Heenan inducted Paul Orndoff, who was said to be gracious and bitter at the same time. He also gave a shout out to his kids, evidently not knowing that his speech would not air on the Spike TV telecast.

-- Jerry Lawler inducted Jimmy Hart, who gave a solid speech with a lot of thank-yous, including credit to his megaphone.

-- After Hogan's speech, his family took the stage and presented The Hulkster with a glass case of various memorabilia.

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