Ric Flair's Idea For New Four Horsemen Faction, Hogan/Hart, more

Ric Flair recently spoke with The Ottawa Sun. The following are a few of the interesting topics which came up:

-- On Being Ric Flair:
"For about 20 years of my life, Ric Flair was the same inside and outside of the ring. I lived that life. I loved that life. Every day. I couldn't get enough. I think I'm wrestling's Jesse James. About half the stories you hear are probably true. I had fun. There were no drugs, nothing illegal. I just wanted to be part of the party."

-- On A New Four Horsemen:
"It would have to be Kurt Angle, Hunter (Triple H), Shawn Michaels and myself. The four best talkers they have."

-- On Bret Hart:
"Bret Hart never drew a dime," says Flair. "He's taken the opportunity to knock everyone. But how can you knock a business that's made you $7 million? Bret's got a cult following, but he's losing that. Losing that because he just goes on and on. It's funny (that he knocks me) because I'm the only guy that would put him over. "

-- On Hulk Hogan:
I always said the difference between me and Hogan was I said yes and he said no. (Hogan wouldn't put anybody over). I'll concede the fact that Hogan was a bigger star than me. But in terms of overall product, he'd wrestle a five-minute match and be back at the hotel by 9. I'd wrestle for an hour ... and I'd give it everything I had."

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