WWE Sunday Night Heat Report (04/03/05) Pre-Wrestlemania 21 Edition from Los Angeles, California

WWE Sunday Night Heat Report-3rd April 2005
By Shaun Best-Rajah.Com Reporter

The Pre-Wrestlemania edition of Heat was pre-recorded and hosted by Jonathan Coachman & Tazz around various parts of LA. There were no matches as instead most of the matches were hyped along with highlights packages. The Undertaker & Randy Orton match is hyped first before Money in the Bank is hyped via six man tag highlights from Raw last Monday. The When Harry met Sally parody airs. Highlights are shown of Superstars out and about during Wrestlemania week promoting the event followed by snippets of The Class of 2005 Hall of Fame ceremony held the night before. HBK vs Kurt Angle is highlighted. The Stone Cold Stunner from 1999 where Austin gave The Corporation a Beer Bath airs. The Wrestlemania theme is "Big Time" by Soundtrack of our Lives from the album "Origin Vol "1 available now. The complete Wrestlemania card is quickly run through before JBL vs John Cena is hyped followed by Triple H vs Batista and then The Coach signs off to end the show. I enjoyed the event and it was very solid. In my opinion Money In The Bank and the Angle/HBK match stole the show. Worst match was Trish and Christy. I'll be back next weekend with Heat & Velocity. Later, Shaun. Comments direct to shaunmb1@hotmail.com.