More Advertisments Promoting Batista vs Triple H Main Event At Backlash

It has already been reported that commercials are already airing advertising a Batista vs Triple H Main Event for next month's WWE Backlash Pay Per View. To confirm that previous report, WWE released a poster promoting Backlash earlier this month that featured HHH and the Backlash logo with a spotlight beaming down on Triple H.

Also, there are now flyers that have been released which feature both Triple H and Batista along with the Backlash logo. The flyers have both Triple H and Dave Batista in a black background with a new Backlash Logo and each other facing off. It also contains the following language:

"When WrestleMania 21 is over, some Superstars will emerge victorious; others will discover that now, the true battle for payback begins when WWE Raw Superstars present WWE Backlash."

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