WWE Smackdown! *Spoilers* (04/05/05) - San Diego, CA

Smackdown opened with the proverbial 15 minute interview that started with JBL stating his intentions with a rematch with John Cena. This led to Eddie Guerrero interrupting to the biggest pop of the night issuing his own intentions of facing Cena. Booker T was next, followed by Big Show, Rey Mysterio, and Kurt Angle, in that order. Kurt Angle - "I was arrested Sunday night. I was arrested on charges of armed robbery. I was arrested for stealing the show!" Kurt Angle - "Okay, let's get a few things straight here. You, you, and you (pointing to Big Show, JBL, and Eddy) all LOST at WrestleMania. You (Booker T) weren't even AT Wrestlemania. And unfortunately for you (Mysterio), you must be THIS TALL in order to challenge for the title." This all led to Theodore Long declaring a "Number One Contender Championship Series" involving the six challengers to take place over the next month or so on Smackdown. Tonight would be the first match pitting JBL against Rey Mysterio, Jr.

(1) Paul London (c) pinned Billy Kidman to retain the Cruiserweight Title at 6:55. Decent but underwhelming match that consisted of Kidman on offense for 90% of the match. London bled here and it was actually enough to warrant a change in the ring mat after the match. London won with a roll-up. Chavo Guerrero, who was a guest commentator for the match attacked London with Kidman's assistance.

(2) Big Show pinned Luther Reigns at 2:13. This was set up by a Reigns promo in the back where he was making fun of Show's WrestleMania Sumo match. Match was nothing.

John Cena gave a decent but done before promo declaring "The Champ is here!" a few dozen times. This was kept under ten minutes.

The proverbial 10 minute Diva bikini contest.

Next week, Carlito will debut his own talk show that will be "cooler than Piper's Pit" called Carlito's Cabana.

(3) Kurt Angle submitted "Jose from San Diego" AT 0:36. This was the Kurt Angle Invitational Hometown Challenge. Angle revealed after the match that he would face Eddy Guerrero next week in match number two of the Number One Contender Championship Series.

(4) JBL beat Rey Mysterio, Jr. via DQ at 14:11.


(1) John Cena & Big Show beat JBL & Orlando Jordan when Show pinned Jordan at1:53. The only match of the night to cross the two-star plateau (in my opinion, of course). This was decent enough, ending when Eddy interfered to attack JBL even though Mysterio had just hit his finisher and was in the process of the pin count. This of course was to simply fuel the fire towards the heel turn. After the match JBL, Orlando Jordan, and the Bashams beat on Eddy and Rey until John Cena made the save. This is where I presume the cameras stopped rolling. Theodore Long then came out and "treated us" to Cena & Show vs. JBL & Jordan. This only lasted 1:53 when Show pinned Jordan with a chokeslam. At this point I took off so I very well may have missed something else, possibly a Taker appearance.

Credit: PW Torch