WrestleMania 22, Rock's New Movie Project, Ultimate Warrior & More

Credit: PWInsider.com

For those interested in attending WrestleMania 22 in Chicago next year, WWE has already started a mailing list for pre-sale information over at wrestlemaniapresale.wwe.com/.

The Rock will star alongside Ryan Reynolds in new comedy movie "Ride Along" which is set for release at the end of next summer. "I'm a cognitive therapist marrying his sister, and he is sort of a by-the-book, gritty, tough cop in an inner city. He takes me on a ride with him and we end up getting [mixed up] ... in some sort of crazy crime caper. This is a classic kind of oil-and-water story," said Reynolds who is writing the film.

Staying on the Rock, his movie "Doom" has been pushed back to an October release. It was originally scheduled to come out in the summer.

Ultimate Warrior's chaotic speech at the University of Connecticut has now been picked up by the Hartford Advocate and can be read here.

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