WWE Velocity Report (04/16/05) Taped in Chicago, Illinois

WWE Velocity Report-16th April 2005
By Shaun Best-Rajah.Com Reporter
Commentators Steve Romero & Josh Mathews

Greetings one and all, WWE is coming to the UK and I can't wait but here and now it's time for Velocity so let's get to it.......................................

Chavo Guerrero vs. Shannon Moore
I guess Chavo's recovered from his orbital socket injury (I think that's what it was). If they'd have waited and let London go over Chavo it would have given him more credibility but I'll be fine with a Chavo, Kidman, London triple threat match in the future. Please no more Cruiserweight Battle Royals though. Both lockup, Moore with a hiptoss and then a shoulderblock. Moore with an armwringer, but Chavo fights out with an uppercut. Back suplex by Chavo gets a two count. Chavo attempts a bodyslam, but Moore slips out and chops him. Chavo, with a handful of tights, forces Moore into the turnbuckles. Chavo with a snapmare now applies a seated abdominal stretch. Moore fights out, but Chavo whips him into the corner. Moore elbows a charging Chavo and then connects with a series of clotheslines. Moore with a back bodydrop followed by a second rope leg lariat for two. Victory roll gets another two. Moore lands punches in the corner then ducks a clothesline, but Chavo catches him on the charge and hangs him on the top rope. Gory Bomb finishes Moore off for the 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: CHAVO GUERRERO. (Like last week I missed the first 5 minutes but caught the ending of this match so credit for the first match goes to Luke Barasic of Wrestling Observer).

Still to come Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas vs Akio & Spike Dudley.

Up next John Cena unveils his new Bling Bling belt.

SmackDown! promo airs.

John Cena unveils his latest bit of Bling and gives JBL some guts on SmackDown!


SmackDown! Australia Tour highlights are shown.

Scotty 2 Hotty vs Nunzio
This begins as Face vs Face and a Scotty chant breaks out. Code of Honor to begin. Scotty grabs an arm, Nunzio reverses, Scotty kips up and armdrags Nunzio before letting out a wiggle and Nunzio sees the funny side as Josh and Steve discuss Scotty coming back from neck surgery and testicular cancer and liken him to Lance Armstrong. In my book Scotty's a fighter and although he's been back a while it's good to have him back and with a clean bill of health. Back to the match and Nunzio with a side headlock, Nunzio off the ropes, shoulder tackle to Scotty. Nunzio with a stepover, Scotty leaps over Nunzio, Nunzio with a go-behind, Scotty reverses, Nunzio with a single leg takedown, Scotty pushes into the ropes with his boot, cue a standoff and show of respect. Lockup, Nunzio backs to the corner, backelbow by Nunzio after a short delay. Nunzio tries to reason with Scotty and the crowd before ducking out to the floor. Back in Nunzio extends his hand but suckers Scotty with another backelbow and clubs him down. Nunzio with kicks, a choke and punches which gets him a two count and Nunzio is now playing the heel. Nunzio slowly twists Scotty attempting a neckbreaker but Scotty surprises Nunzio with a backslide for two. Nunzio with a boot to the gut, club, Irish whip, Nunzio charges in and eats an elbow, Nunzio ducks a clothesline, Scotty misses a charge in the corner and lands shoulder first in the ringpost. Nunzio drags Scotty out takes him down and spins into a cover for two. Nunzio mocks the Worm, flips off the crowd and starts an Italian Worm but sees Scotty stir and dropkicks him in the face instead. Nunzio with a nearfall, snapmare, traps Scotty in a hammerlock on the mat dropping his weight on Scotty. Scotty gets to his feet, punches free, Scotty off the ropes ducks a clothesline nails a crescent kick and both men are down. Scotty flips up at eight all fired up, Scotty counters Nunzio's roundhouses with some of his own which put Nunzio down. Nunzio off the ropes big back bodydrop. Scotty attempts the bulldog off the ropes, Nunzio counters into a sidewalk slam 1-2-no. Nunzio can't believe it. Scotty blocks a back suplex, Nunzio with a club to the back, tries it again, Scotty rolls back nails the bulldog and here it comes W-O-R-M connects. 1-2-3. Scotty wins with the worm ?? I'm surprised as it's not really a credible finisher but nonetheless. Here is Your Winner: SCOTTY 2 HOTTY.

Up next Kurt Angle vs Eddie Guerrero from SmackDown! in Championship Series.

WWE Slam of the Week MNM debut on SmackDown! and lay out Rey Mysterio. Melina is hot.

Extended highlights are shown of Kurt Angle vs Eddie Guerrero from SmackDown! in Championship Series with a commercial in between. Awesome back and forth match ends when Angle shoves Mysterio and chair into Guerrero and picks up the win. This Eddie & Rey program is unfolding really well. Angle is pure gold to watch too.

Up next Luther Reigns vs Funaki.

Kurt Angle SmackDown! promo airs.

Luther Reigns vs Funaki
Funaki dodges Luther to start but Luther no-sells Funaki's chops and punches, Luther with a hard kick to the gut clubs and stomps the back of Funaki. Luther with a throat thrust throws Funaki into the corner. Luther with a stomp, backhand, drops a couple of knees. Luther goes outside drags Funaki to the ringpsot and traps his head in between the post and his knee in a vice. Back inside Luther with a stomp then picks up Funaki and delivers a kneelift to the head. Luther lifts Funaki's head from the canvas and slugs it back down. Luther with a scoop slam misses a kneedrop off the ropes. Funaki comes off the ropes with a dropkick to the knee of Luther, second time puts him down. Funaki fires up and kicks at the back of Luther's legs, Luther shoves Funaki into the ropes. Funaki ducks a clothesline, attempts a cross body but Luther catches, places him into position and drills Funaki with a twisting neckbreaker. 1-2-3. A mismatch. Here is Your Winner: LUTHER REIGNS.

Don't Try This At Home.


Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas vs Akio & Spike Dudley
Holly starts with Spike. Holly backs Spike to the corner, Spike tries to chicken out and talks trash to Holly and chops his chest. Holly responds with a throw to the corner. Spike dodges Holly and backs away before ducking Holly again and applying a side headlock. Spike off the ropes ducks underneath a Holly chop (botched) Holly with a thump to the back then chops Spike down and again. Spike goes to the corner, Holly follows and unloads with stinging chops. Haas tags in and Spike is the recipient of a double flapjack off the ropes. (Nice height by Air Dudley). Spike tags in Akio, Akio swings a kick which Haas avoids, Akio kicks Haas in the gut and starts to pound away. Akio with an Irish whip, Haas dodges the charge and brings Akio down shoulder first across his knee. Haas twists the arm, drops a leg onto it before executing a shoulderbreaker, nipping to the second rope and dropping a knee across the shoulder. Haas with a one count drives Akio shoulder first into the turnbuckles. Akio backelbows in retaliation, throws Haas down by the hair before grabbing Haas going to the second rope and hanging backwards outside in a headscissors. Holly breaks this up with a chop to the chest of Akio, Spike runs round and delivers a battering ram followed by the Dudley Dog off the apron to Holly. Meanwhile inside Haas chops Akio down. Haas with a forearm. Akio off the ropes, Haas backelbows down. Spike's on the apron, Haas brings him in and hits a battering ram in the corner before catching Akio in a throwaway slam. Haas stomps Akio, Haas off the ropes, kneedrop connects to Akio. Spike breaks up the cover at two and baits Holly into the ring and as the referee is busy with Holly Spike runs over to Haas and tries to drive his head into the turnbuckle. Haas blocks and reverses, Haas has Spike ready for a belly-to-belly but Akio comes from behind and hits Haas with a martial arts kick to the back of the head. Akio lands a stomp, snapmare, tags in Spike. Akio holds Haas down as Spike lands a two footed stomp from the top rope. Spike gets a nearfall, chokes Haas in the ropes. Akio does the same behind the referee's back before Spike punishes the back of Haas and tags out. Akio holds down Haas' head with his boot, Akio with a punch, Haas off the ropes bounces over Akio landing on his ass but in his corner and Haas makes the hot tag. Holly clotheslines Akio then nearly trips before catching him in a half nelson slam. Spike comes in, Holly turns to him and Spike rolls outside in fright. Akio bounces off the ropes into a big back bodydrop. Akio off the ropes again and Holly meets him with a dropkick. Holly ponders his next move and Spike enters again and clubs Holly in the back, Holly punches Spike who turns into the ropes, Holly lifts his legs and delivers a Dick kick that sends Spike over the top rope to the floor. Holly turns and thwarts Akio's spin kick by catching him, hoisting on his shoulders, twirling round and delivering the Alabama Slam. Holly covers for the 1-2-3. Here Are Your Winners: HARDCORE HOLLY & CHARLIE HAAS.

That does it for this Cruiserweight themed edition of Velocity. Josh shills for SmackDown! while Steve signs off. End of Show. Keep it here for Heat. Shaun.

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