WWE Velocity & Sunday Night Heat Reports- Special Editions (04/23/05 & 04/24/05)

WWE Velocity Report-23rd April 2005
By Shaun Best-Rajah.Com Reporter
Special Edition Hosted by Steve Romero & Josh Mathews

This was basically a recap show with highlights of Booker T vs Big Show from SmackDown! in Championship series. Kurt Angle & JBL conspire to cause a double DQ so Teddy Long makes it a fatal four way on SmackDown! this week in the UK and announces a tag match for later in the show. Raw comes to Nottingham, England 26th April as part of the Wrestlemania Revenge Tour. Highlights of Kurt Angle defeating Eddie Guerrero two weeks ago on SmackDown! MNM defeat Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio for Tag Titles after laying down a challenge on Carlito's Cabana and vandalising Eddie's lowrider. Post match Eddie and Rey shove each other down. Don't Try This At Home. Highlights are shown of the Battle Royal not shown from WM 21 so I'll call the action as best I can..........................................

Wrestlemania 21 Battle Royal
Joined in progress there's a bit of a standoff before everyone piles into one another. There's 13 men left. Orlando Jordan clotheslines out Tyson Tomko. Hardcore Holly delivers an Alabama Slam to William Regal. Akio charges into Viscera but Akio gets thrown out and onto the steel steps. Ouch. Tajiri with a reverse kick to Hardcore Holly. Orlando Jordan gets eliminated by Tajiri and Chris Masters dumps out Holly. Heidenreich pushes out William Regal. Tajiri mists Heidenreich. Masters traps Booker in the Masterlock and Paul London breaks it up with an enziguiri to Masters. London attempts a monkey flip on Tajiri in the corner, Tajiri perches him on the ropes and Heidenreich charges in booting London to the outside. Heidenreich charges Tajiri, Tajiri flips Heidenreich out no, he's on the apron. Heidenreich pulls Tajiri out onto the apron, Tajiri with a stiff kick, Heidenreich is still on the apron and a Heidenreich punch eliminates Tajiri. What's this, Snitsky runs and boots Heidenreich off the apron. I thought he was his friend (LOL). Snitsky turns to pummel Mark Jindrak. Snitsky with an Irish whip, charges into a boot, Jindrak with a double leg takedown eliminates Snitsky with a slingshot over the ropes. Viscera attacks Jindrak from behind, picks him up, Jindrak slips behind and clocks Big Vis with his patented left hook. Viscera's wobbling as Chris Masters comes from behind and throws Jindrak out. We're down to the last three. Chris Masters, Booker T and Viscera. Raw agree to co-exist as The GM's cheer on their respective brands outside. Wait a minute, Nunzio rolls back in, apparently he wasn't eliminated earlier on in the match and he leaps onto the back of Masters. Viscera pounds Nunzio off of Masters' back and Masters locks in the Masterlock before press slamming Nunzio to the outside. Now we are down to three. Masters punches Booker, Irish whip. Viscera is whipped into Booker and Booker gets squished in the corner. Booker thwarts a double elimination attempt by kicking Viscera away and backelbowing Masters. Booker punches Viscera, inverted atomic drop delivered to Masters. Booker misses an axe kick on Masters and crotches himself in the ropes. Viscera charges but Booker holds the ropes down and Viscera eliminates himself. Booker gets back in, Masters comes from behind and locks in the Masterlock but Booker elbows out. Ha Masters your latest challenge is down the crapper and a joke because Booker's broken out of your hold with relative ease. Masters gets Booker on his shoulders but Booker hangs on to the top rope and punches himself free. Booker now with a double leg takedown slingshots Masters and Masters is dangling halfway in/out but manages to stay in. Booker with a crescent kick and now Masters is out. Spinaroonie time. Here is Your Winner: BOOKER T.

SmackDown! UK Summer Bash promo airs. (Glasgow, Scotland June 16th, Aberdeen, Scotland June 17th, Dublin, Ireland June 18th, Manchester, England June 19th) WWE.Com for details.

Booker T & Big Show defeat JBL & Kurt Angle on SmackDown! when Angle deserts JBL and Big Show gets the pin via a chokeslam. A Wrestlemania 21 highlights package airs. Triple H/Batista 2 promo airs. Finally we see John Cena defeat Orlando Jordan via FU on SmackDown! Josh and Steve shill for SmackDown! this week and then sign off. End of Show. Normal Velocity resumes next week.

WWE Sunday Night Heat Report-24th April 2005
By Shaun Best-Rajah.Com Reporter
Special Edition Hosted by Todd Grisham

Same sort of theme as Velocity, basically a recap show but instead showcasing Raw and hyping Backlash. The Chris Benoit/Edge feud is chronicled and we see highlights of their match from Raw which goes to a no-decision due to a brawl backstage so Bischoff makes it a Last Man Standing match at Backlash. Chris Benoit Raw promo airs. The Trish/Lita/Kane/Viscera incident is recapped from Raw. Everyone wanted Matt Hardy during this segment. Lita had way more heat than Trish no matter how hard Trish tried. Backstage Viscera makes Trish reward him with a kiss. Looks like a mixed tag's happening at Backlash. SmackDown! Summer Bash promo airs. Chris Jericho/Shelton Benjamin Highlight Reel segment is replayed from Raw two weeks ago. Shelton beats Simon Dean on Raw last Monday as Chris Jericho & Rich Ward of Fozzy sing a song. "Shelton's a Little Bitch". Chris Jericho Raw promo airs. Raw in Nottingham, England reminder. William Regal & Tajiri defeat The Heart Throbs on Raw cue a post match beatdown by the new team. Don't Try This At Home. HBK reaches out for Hulk Hogan two weeks ago on Raw. Hogan saves HBK from a double beatdown by Muhammad Hassan & Daivari on Raw and both pose. Christian Raw promo airs. Vince McMahon interrupts Christian on Raw and announces the return of the Draft Lottery in about a month. Christian takes on Batista this week on Raw in Birmingham, England. Backlash promo airs. Batista helps JR beat Triple H on Raw by smashing The Game with a vicious chairshot which left him out cold for at least a minute before JR got the pinfall. Grisham signs off to end the show. I'll be back next week with Velocity, International Heat and the pre-Backlash Heat. I'm off to Raw and SmackDown! this week and I can't wait. Have a good week everyone, take care and I'll see you next week. Later, Shaun.

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