Official WWE Preview For Tomorrow Night's Raw: Christians Chance!

APRIL 25, 2005

Last week Christian told Mr. McMahon he would have no problem winning the WWE Championship if he were traded to SmackDown! during next month's draft.

Well, Mr. McMahon told Christian he wouldn't have to wait that long to face a champion, placing Captain Charisma in a match against World Heavyweight Championship Batista in the United Kingdom.

Plus, what could be the fallout after Jim Ross scored an improbable upset victory over Triple H last week thanks to some timely help from Batista? And what kind of shape will JR be in after the beating he took?

Also, last week Viscera did a favor for Trish Stratus when he took out Kane. "I do something for you and then you do something for me," Viscera said backstage afterwards. What exactly did he mean?

Also, don't miss any final details regarding Backlash, which takes place live on pay-per-view on Sunday, May 1.

Watch RAW this Monday (9/8 CT) only on Spike TV.

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