WWE House Show Results (4/24/05) - Hull, England

Show: WWE Wrestlemania Revenge.. RAW!
Date: 24/04/05
Location: Hull, England

The Arena which does not hold that many was packed, When the light's
went dim, there was a huge pop, Lilian Garcia then came out of the
back to a decent reception, she got into the ring and welcome us all.
She then asked us to rise as she sung the English national anthem.
Then She annouced the first matchup

Match 1: WWE Tag Team Championship
William Regal and Tajiri (Champions) Vs Christain and Tyson Tomko

Regal got a nice pop when he came out, the match was topsy tervy
(lol), Pops when Tajiri hit the tranuchul. There was a couple of
really loud Regal chants, the match ended with Regal hitting an knee
into the head of Christain and getting the 1..2..3 on his way out
Regal got a great reception.

Winners and Still WWE Tag Team Champions: William Regal and Tajiri!

Match 2: Chris "The Masterpiece" Masters Vs Val Venis

Masters came out to some boo's no much of a reaction really, he got on
the microphone straight away, he said something along the lines of on
RAW he offers people money to get out of his Full Nelson, but tonight
he offers money for all of us to shut our mouths. An boring chant
started then Venis's music hit, he got into the ring and got a decent
pop, more then he usaully gets. Venis looked to have pulled a muscle
in his leg during the match, Masters won the match with the Full
Nelson, while he had that applyed there was a boring chant again. When
Venis got up, he looked in some pain with his leg and took getting out
of the ring and getting up the walkway slowly.

Winner by pinfall: Chris Masters

Lilan then got back on the microphone and annouced that Coach was
coming out, he got some heat when he came out, he got into the ring
and got on the microphone, he told Lilian to "Get out of the coach's
ring. He then talked about not many City's got the honour of being the
worst English town twice in a row and we diddn't deserve it. He then
said even though we diddn't deserve it, HBK, Y2J, Benoit, Ric Flair,
HHH and Batista where all backstage and were going to wrestle tonight,
then he said wherever the wrestlers are, the diva's aren't far behind,
he annouced that he would be the special ring annoucer for the next

Match 3: Victoria Vs Christy Hemme

Victora came out with to a little pop, she gave all the people around
the ring high fives, she then walked up to a little boy and gave him a
kiss on both cheeks, she got into the ring and Christy Hemme's music
hit she came out to a better pop then Victoria, she got into the ring
and her and Victora shook hands. Coach then went up to the referee
(Dont remeber which one) and said "There is only one man in this world
who can handle these two women.. AND IT AINT YOU! Coach took his shirt
off to reveal an referee's shirt. The match was average, the best i
think i have seen Christy wrestle as she made no mistakes. Victoria
seemed to turn abit heel when she choked Christy and held her down.
When Coach was counting the choke, he did it quite slow, the end of
the match came when Christy hit and DDT, Coach counted to 2 and
pretended to hurt his arm, Christy then went to hit him, but he grabed
her hand and twisted it so she was on the floor she then hit and low
blow on Coach who went out of the ring and another referee came down,
Christy reversed a Victoria powerbomb into a roll up pin and got the

Winner: Christy Hemme

Match 4: The Hurricane Vs Viscera

A fairly typical match really, Hurricane attempting to knock Viscera
down on more then one occation intill he actually did, Viscera was
always going to win and got it when he hit his finisher and got the 3

Winner: Viscera

A note was Rosie did not accompany Hurricane to the ringside. After
this match, Lilan got in the ring and told us that they where going
for a short break. When they came back she fired some T-Shirts.

Match 5: Chris Benoit Vs Rob Conoway W/

Benoit got a great pop, Conoway got some heat. Match was ok, back and
forth Benoit knocked Slyvan Grenair off the ring and hit the flying
headbutt, he then made Conoway tap out to the Crippler crossface.

Winner: Chris Benoit

Match 6: WWE Intercontinel Championship
Shelton Benjamin (c) Vs Y2J "Chris Jericho"

Great Match, Jericho got the better ovation, but Benjamins was pretty
good too, the match was well fought, Jericho went for the Walls of
Jericho on two occations both times Shelton getting out of it,
Benjamin won with the T-Bone suplex, at the end of the match, Benjamin
went and shook Jericho's hand to a good ovation.

Match 7: Shawn Micheals Vs Muhammed Hassan W/Daviri

Huge HBK chants, When Hassan got on the microphone, he said that he
thought he'd never say it, but he can't wait to get back to America...
HBK's music then hit to a great pop, the match took it's time
starting, it wasn't long, HBK won it with Sweet Chin Music after
Hassan hit Daviri inevitably.

Winner: Shawn Micheals

Match 8: Kane Vs Edge

This match was fairly average for two big guys, The crowd had a mixed
reaction for Edge, i think the more advanced wrestling fans who knew
about what has occured lately booed him. Kane recieved a good ovation,
Edge brought the case out with him. There was a few "You Screwed Matt"
chants going around. Kane won with a choke slam.

Winner: Kane

Match 9: WWE Championship Match
Ric Flair and Triple H Vs Batista (c)

Both HHH and Ric Flair got good ovations while batista got a huge one.
The match lasted about 10 minutes, but there was about 3 minutes of
wrestling. On Various occations Batista recieved and gave chops to Ric
Flair. Triple H hit Batista around the ankle against the ringpost with
the steel chair. He went for the pedigree but Batista reversed that,
several double moves by batista, the match came to an end when Batista
hit HHH out of the ring and hit Ric Flair with a spinebuster for the

Winner: Batista

After the match, Batista posed on the turnbuckle as i along with
others went out of the arena

End of Show!

All in all it was great. This is my first WWE event and i would
defiantly go again. The crowd were behind every match and there was no
weak match. A special mention to a couple of guys who went dressed up.
They went as Carlito, Undertaker, Goldust, JBL and i think the other
was goldberg, you looked great. The "Hogan" got up during an match and
the crowd chanted hogan. Anyway...

Biggest Pops:
Shawn Micheals
Ric Flair (Lots Off Whooo's)

Biggest Heat:

This is my first time doing results and it is a couple of hours after
the show and i am doing them of the top of my head and if you would
like to use these results on your site, you may aslong as credit is
given to Matty from WWEUK.com!