Live News & Notes From WWE RAW, What You Won't See, More

Thanks to Chris Jones for sending this in:

They opened up with the Kid Rock video and peple either bood or cheered whoever was on the screen.

The show was a sell out and the crowd were fairly hot all night.

Lilian looked stunning and sung 'God save the queen' although her timing was a little off!

Sunday Night Heat

1. Simon Dean pinned Robbie Brookside.
The crowd were into Simon and a few people recognised Brookside too.

2.The Heartthrobs pinned Swartz and Domino.
Crowd were mostly cold during this one exept for a huge 'Gay boys' chant that broke out mid match.

3.The Hurricane pinned Maven.
Maven came out to William Regals' old music strangely! The crowd liked the Hurricane and were pleased when he won.

Raw began and The crowd errupted for Batista, however when christian was shown on the screen the crowd were more for him.

It was great fun. It was amazing how split the crowd was for the main event; Christian was so over!

The only boring chant of the night went up during the masterlock challenge when he put it on some 'local guy' who looked like Shakespeare!

The Viscera and Trish segments grew great laughs from the crowd.

There really wasn't much wrestling to talk about and I cant even remember a move that the crowd popped for.

After the show HHH called us a bunch of 'Limey Bastards' and trash talked whilst Batista slowly go to his feet. He did a 'double noggin knocker' and Flair and HHH staggered around before performing a stereo 'Flair Flop' which went down a treat.

Regal got Pop of the night and he seemed to be loving the English football songs that were being sung during his match.

A few of us were dissapointed that we didn't get to yell at Lita, but we tried our best with Edge!

Biggest pops:
1. Regal
5. Benoit

Biggest Heat:
1. HHH
2. Hassan

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