Recap Of Steve Austin on MTV Punked

Thanks to Adman Lebow for sending this in:

Steve Austin on MTV Punked
Air Date: April 24, 2005

Coming out of commercial break, Ashton Kutcher says its easy to punk wrestlers, all you have to do is piss them off. If Kutcher was a wrestler, he would be known as the Farm Hand Kutcher. The Punk is Austin is at a restaurant and his phone will go missing. We are told that Stone Colds manager George is already in on the prank.

We cut to the prank with George saying that his Palm Treo Phone is missing and he can’t find it anywhere in the car. Austin tells George to calm down, they will find it. The fake manager, calls over the fake valet and they go over the details of the phone. The fake valet is saying he never saw the phone while the manager grills him a bit saying that George says he left it in the car. The valet starts to get defensive saying he didn’t steal the Treo. The two get in an argument and the fake manager fires Jordan, the fake valet. He tells Jordan to go clear his locker and he leaves to do so. Austin plays it cool, saying they should check around the restaurant and the car, as George tends to forget things easily. George goes to check the restaurant and Austin asks the manager “what do you mean he is done”. The manager says he runs a tight ship the manager mentions that he worked his way up from valet to junior manager. Austin says that the valet must have some skill, he went and got a drivers licensee.

The manager says that he can’t risk people stealing things. Austin starts to ask about the manager’s facial hair. Austin begins to ask some personal questions about the guy such as where he is from (Georgia) and what brought him out there (there being LA). George comes back saying he didn’t find the Treo, so he starts to fill out a Lost and Found form, as the manager mentions that incase the valet didn’t steal it and they find it they will give him a call, but he knows the valet so that is why he fired him. One of the ‘waiters’ come and say they just found a phone inside, and returns it to George. The valet returns to the scene, after retrieving his stuff from his locker.

George says to Jordan he is sorry about the hassle and Jordan goes up to the manager and says “I told you I didn’t do it man”. The manager says Jordan is still fired. The waitress begins to stick up for Jordan and the manager gets into her face saying to leave, while Jordan says he can’t be fired for not doing anything wrong. Jordan asks Austin is he going to let the manager fire him, the manager says why are you talking to Austin and Austin just looks away not wanting to get involved. Jordan storms off dropping the F word at the manager and Austin doesn’t seem too happy at this point.

The manager apologizes to Austin and Austin says it’s ok before dropping the F bomb on the manager. Austin begins to stick up for Jordan, asking the manager why is he an a**hole. Austin tells the manager he jumped to conclusions. Austin tells the manager he is a stupid SOB because he didn’t settle down and see what happens before firing Jordan.

The manager asks why he is a SOB. Austin says “you look at your self in the mirror every day don’t you?”. He says yes, so Austin says don’t you see a stupid SOB? The manager says he doesn’t but Austin says he does. He says he is looking at him right now and seeing a SOB. The manager says, “STONE COLD, YOU JUST GOT PUNKED”. Austin right away says he knew something was up. The manager says, jokingly to Austin, he stopped just at the right time cause for a second he was afraid he was going to get clocked. Austin takes it with good humor. He goes to say “This is Steve Austin, and I just got punked like everyone else” (however, no mention of Stone Cold Steve Austin, and definitely not with the same sort of charisma he would have in character.).

This was definitely not as good as it could have been, below par for the show. The earlier punk on Ashley Simpson was extremely funny while this was just ‘there’.

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