WWE Velocity *Spoilers* (4/26/05) - Birmingham, England

Report by: Steve Hermon, rajah.com reader


I went to the Smackdown taping at the NEC yesterday and thought I'd post
through the results... Hope I can remember it all.. Apologies if anything is
a bit vague!!!!... By the way, my name's Steve but let's keep with the
tradition and I'll call myself a silly wrestling related name - RVSte!



Scotty 2 Hotty & Shannon Moore vs. The Basham Brothers

The Bashams won this one... not great, but better than Velocity's main
event.. In to that shortly... Scotty did the Worm - Crap move but always a
crowd pleaser! - The 'Secretaries of Defence' won when Scotty had Danny
covered, the ref's back was turned - switcheroo, roll up, win!

Cruiser Tag: Nunzio & Funaki vs. Billy Kidman & Akio

Funaki won this one for his team...Kidman missed the SSP and then Funaki did
the Swinging DDT off the turnnbuckle and got the 1-2-3!... OK Match.

Velocity 'Main' Event: Charlie Haas vs Orlando Jordan

Not sure if it was billed as a US Title Match but OJ won anyway... This
match was REALLY boring... and I wouldn't blame Charlie for that... I've
been kind to OJ and tried to think he'll get better cos he has a character
now - but it was so BORING!!! I even supported his US Title win, purely for
storyline reasons, but please take it off him now!!... He is probably the
worst US Champ ever!... Did I mention it was boring????? Charlie tried to
wrestle a good match but again - OJ was crappy... Oh, by the way - he won
with a right lazy finish - just ducked under Haas hit his downward spiral (I
think that's his move) and won!!!

Added Notes: That Cabinet sign they all do gets on my tits! It's well gay...
I keep expecting them to burst in to song... Y-M-C-A!

In between the Velocity matches, Tony Chimmel got some well loud chants!!!
He was loving it too!

Anyway... On to..... SMEKDOWN! (ECHO, ECHO, ECHO).. That was my Tony Chimmel