WWE House Show Results (4/25/05) - Cardiff, Wales

Report by: Nicky Court, rajah.com reader

Monday 25th April, Cardiff International Arena. 7:00pm start

About 6,000 in attendance and there were a few seats spare which was surprising. Theodore Long kicks off the show announcing some of the matches for tonight a lot of the card has been changed from what was advertised was sitting in the balcony front row directly along the entrance and could see very last detail in the ring . Long announces that the cruiserweight battle royal will be first match of the night.

Cruiserweight Battle Royal

Paul London vs Spike Dudley vs Billy Kidman vs Akio vs Chavo Guererro vs Shannon Moore vs Scotty 2 Hotty vs Nunzio

Very basic battle royal, crowd with huge Scotty chants. Spike Dudley stayed outside for first 2 or 3 minute. Spike attacks everyone while their back is turned so everyone turned on Spike holding him down for Scotty to hit the worm to a huge pop. Everyone lifted Spike over their heads (exactly the same what they did to Muhammad Hussan at the Royal Rumble this year) and threw him out. Spike came back in only to get thrown out again and then came back in and got back dropped over again by Scotty. Scotty was next to go, he set up to worm Akio but Chavo sneaked behind and eliminated him to huge boos. Akio is awesome, the moonsault kick he done was fantastic the whole arena clapped for that. Nunzio and Akio were eliminated at the same time by a Shannon Moore dropkick after Paul London put Akio over the top with a backdrop but Akio held on, Nunzio was suplexed onto the apron but Moore dropkicked them both off to eliminate them. Shannon was next after Kidman caught him in midair to push Shannon out. The shock of the night was next as Chavo and Kidman threw London over the ropes, Paul tried to hold on but smashed his back against the apron and could not hold on and fell to the floor, a shock a new cruiserweight champion at a house show amazing. Chavo and Kidman just look at each other and start to brawl and both go over the top rope and to the floor at exactly the same time. 2 referees are at ringside an one declares Chavo the winner the other Kidman. The referees decide that Kidman, Chavo and London should go back into the ring. So all 3 are back in, Chavo and Kidman double team till Kidman turns on Chavo and eliminates him. Kidman goes to the top rope but London springboards off the ropes and hits a beautiful kick on Kidmans skull, which echoes around the arena to send off the top and to the floor

Winner: Paul London

Rene Dupree vs Funaki

Very basic match didn’t last to long this was scheduled to be Charlie Haas vs Rene Dupree. Dupree played the crowd very well, a lot better than he does on TV. Dupree wins this by catching a monkey flip in the corner and turning into a Dupree Bomb for a 3 count.

Winner: Rene Dupree

The Bashams vs Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas

Hardcore Holly was scheduled to fight Luther Reigns but this was an ok match. Crowd loved Hardcore Holly and chants of we want hardcore was all over this one, I love Haa’s armdrags they are so Ricky Steamboat like. Steamboat actually came out at the beginning of this match but I don’t think anyone noticed. He stayed at ringside for the rest of the night. Hardcore Hollys chops sound painful, poor Danny Basham’s chest was red after just 2, WOOOOO’s galore for Hardcore’s chops. Bashams switch but Charlie rolls up the illegal Basham for the 3 count. After the match The Bashams tease a fight causing everyone to scream, “fight fight fight” but they hugged causing boos.

Winner: Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas

Carlito Caribbean Cool vs Mark Jindrak

This match shocked me, as Carlito was loved by just about everyone. He got a huge pop, Jindrak look pissed when he got booed out of the building. Carlito was smiling the entire match. Jindrak went back to the reflection of perfection gimmick but being Lex Luger the second and shaking his hips (similar to rick rude) Carlito wins by avoiding a corner charge and rolling Jindrak up with a school boy for a 3 count to a huge pop. Jindrak looked really annoyed and

Grabbed every sign he could on the way back and ripped it to pieces.

Winner: Carlito Carribbean Cool

Undertaker vs Kurt Angle

This was my match of the night. I think both men are awesome. Kurt Angle as gold tonight. The place went nuts for the Undertaker. The mobile/Cell phones that switched on during the Undertakers entrance was funny as everyone held them up in the air. Angle stalled for about 5 minutes before Taker caught Angle with the Old School, Angle took the advantage by going to work on the ankle through out the entire match. Angle counted a choke slam into an ankle lock which was a fantastic counter, he was lifted turned his body into a victory roll and rolled through and locked Takers ankle. Angle countered the Last Ride as well by sunset flipping through and locking the ankle again. Both men were awesome in this one. Big pops for the Olympic slam but only got a 2 count. Taker gets out of a second attempt and choke slams Angle and tombstones him for the 3 count.

Winner: The Undertaker

The Divas came out to throw T-shirts to the crowd. Tony Chimel plugged future shows in the UK but they not coming back to Cardiff.

Eddie Guerrero/ Rey Mysterio vs MNM w/ Melina

Melina had so much make up on she had the body of a vixen but a face like a horse. Rey mysterio was cheered like crazy lots of 619 chants which seemed to go on forever until Eddie Guerrero came out to an even louder pop. Eddie chants galore in this one. Eddie asks Melina to kiss his ass after she kisses MNM. Everyone wanted to see Rey fly in this one but Eddie was just as awesome. Eddie was beaten down by MNM. A lot of the crowd had no clue who MNM were and didn’t know they had the won the tag titles. Rey gets the hot tag and take to the air with a springboard high cross body and a swinging flying headscissors. Eddie comes back and Rey and Eddie punch each member of MNM 10 times in the head. Eddie hits the 3 amigos. Eddie sets Mercury up for the 619 but Melina climbs on the apron and puts her leg onto the top rope showing Rey what is underneath her skirt. (It was a very short skirt anyway) Rey just stops and stares, the referee turns around and stares. Eddie tries to cover Rey and the Referee’s eyes, Melina drops off the apron when MNM get back up, and Eddie goes outside and blocks a Melina slap, MNM catch Rey with a spike DDT (The Problem Solver to ECW fans (Simon and Swingers tag team move) for the 3 count while Melina stops Eddie from getting back into the ring.

After the match MNM taunt Eddie and Rey, which causes Eddie to set MNM up, and Melina in the roeps for Rey to hit a huge 619 to a huge pop. Rey and Eddie steal the titles. Eddie leaves the ring with his and waits outside, the referee tries to get Rey to hands his back but Rey passes it through his legs to Eddie outside who puts it behind his back and the ref has no clue and looks under the ring for it but Eddie slowly moves back and the referee finally sees Eddie moving back slowly and chases Eddie who turns and runs, the referee catches Eddie backstage and runs back out with the belts and gives them to MNM.

Winners: MNM

Booker T beat Heidenreich

I hate Heidenreich, I’m sorry but I do. He has no talent what so ever. This basically consisted of punches from Heidenreich and a clothesline. I decided to take a bathroom break during this match. Booker regains control with a spin kick and scissor kicks for the 3 count.

Winner: Booker T

John Cena & Big Show beat JBL & Orlando Jordan

JBL and Orlando come out and call the crowd English, that draws huge boos. JBL and Jordan both have title belts with them. JBL calls Camilla Parker Bowles a cow and 2 faced which people didn’t care about but then calls Rugby Gay which gets huge boos again. Cena and Big Show get huge pops. JBL and Jordan tag each other in and out. Cena gets JBL’s cowboy hat and ears it to wrestle till JBL gets the advantage. Cena gets a foam hand from the crowd and does the 5-knuckle shuffle with it and gives it back to the little boy at ringside. Match is not very good to be honest. Bashams tries to interfere but get thrown over the top rope. Show Chokeslams Jordan and Cena F-U’s JBL for the 3 count on both men at the same time.

After the match Cena copies the Big Show with the raising hand taunt with Show. Show leaves and Cena says everyone knows about Wales, he asks Tony Chimel where we are he answers Wales to a pop and asks Chinel what does he know about Wales. Chimel replies its part of England to huge boos, as it is no longer part of England. Cena asks him to repeat what he said and he did, so Cena F-Ued Chimel and grabbed a Welsh Flag in the air but it was the wrong way around, so the crowd boo’ed the hell out of Cena, Cena talked to someone at ringside, Cena turned the flag around and left pretty quick and Chimel still selling the FU said “Thanks

Cardiff” to end the show

Winners: John Cena & The Big Show

Biggest Pops:

1)Eddie Guerrero

2)Rey Mysterio

3) Carlito Carribeean Cool

4) The Undertaker

5) John Cena

Biggest Heat

1) JBL

2) Mark Jindrak

3)Kurt Angle

4) Rene Dupree
5) Orlando Jordan

Report by: Chris Rees, rajah.com reader

Hey i thought id write in, noone else has, of the smackdown house show in
cardiff wales on monday

cruserweight battle royal.

Awesome match, scotty too hotty was loved, a lot of gimicks and high spots.
London messed up with the skin the cat, leaving kidman and chavo in the ring
on their own, they both eleiminated each other and had to restart teh match
with teh three.

winner: paul london

charlie haas and hardcore holly vs the bashams

Not bad match, you dont realise how stiff holly is till you see him in
person. mahor heat for bashams

winners: haas ad hardcore

match #3
funaki vs renee dupree.

bored me.

winnder renee.

match #4
carlito vs jindrak

carlito was signing earlier in the day, adn got off to a great ovation.
jindrak played teh crowd, and carlito teased him for it. pretty good match,
quite impressed with carlito.

winner carlito

match 5
angle vs taker

taker got some great pops. match wasnt too bad, bit disapointed, ive waited
years to see angle, and i thought him and taker got nothing going on, taker
was just slow and bad. few ankle locks, angle slams, last ride choke slam
tomsbtone... i cheered angle and the crowd turned around and looked at me.

winner: taker

MNM vs rey/eddie

MNM are teh coolest tag team. awesome. noone liked them,and they wresteled
well. melina came up on apron to cost rey/eddie the titles back, distracting
rey and the ref.
after the match triple 619 and they stole the titles.

booker heidereich.
i met heidi in town earlier, he was a prick.
that being said the match was the same. crap.

booker t wins

match 7 jbl and orlando vs cena and show

well i dunno, but 4 guys in the main event who cant wrestle. it was utter
crap. crowd lapped it up. JBLs promo was amazing (he kept calling us
england) and cena was did his usual relying on his stupid catchphrases.

FU and choke slam together to win.

after the show he FU'd tony chimmel for saying wales is part of england.

biggest pops
big show

MNM's win
renee's french flag (am i the only one who likes french?)

Also, i met paul london, jindrak, rey,akio shannon moore and heide in town.
paul london was amazing, very nice and polite, had time for photos and we
had a long conversation. heidenreich was a total prick, refused to sign
anything or take photos.

other than eddie's match and the cruiesrweights, nothing special. some guy
had a 'id rather watch AJ Styles' poster which i thought was great.

nothing on the raw show from decemeber which was a suprise to me.