Live Notes From WWE SmackDown Taping In UK

Thanks to Graham Emery for sending this in:

John Cena got a really mixed response during his merchandise promos, which was very surprising to me, as I thought he would've got one of the biggest pops of the night, no matter what he did. But once inside the arena, he got a massive pop, which shows how strange UK fans are. Carlito also got a big pop at the beginning of the Cabana.

From looking at the two crowds between the two nights, the RAW crowd was much more lively and was reacting to pretty much everything. It seemed to me that the SmackDown! crowd was a lot more relaxed and pretty much "chose" what they wanted to pop for.

I really thought after the Main Event, that another match would take place, many people around me were talking about "where's the Undertaker?" and I thought that they would be getting what they wanted at the end of the show, but surprisingly, he wasn't there.

I would say that I enjoyed SmackDown! more than RAW, because the show seemed to flow a lot better and I just had a greater feel for SmackDown!. But the RAW crowd were hot all night long, and in my opinion, after seeing the tape, made the show seem much better than it actually was.

When Booker T hit Kurt Angle with the chair at the end of the Main Event he did get quite a lot of boos, and Angle seemed to be playing the face role by the end of the match.

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