Major Details On ECW Pay-Per-View This June

According to sources, there will be little to no promotion by WWE on their programming for the ECW pay-per-view, at least in the context of storylines. As it stands plans are to have it stand alone as its own brand and not promote it based on angles on WWE television. The company basically want all ECW fans to find it themselves and purchase the event on pay-per-view.

The show will be an ‘ECW’ style show which features some hardcore wrestling, some extreme women spots and generally some top quality wrestling. WWE are very keen on having an ‘ECW feel’ to the show. There has also been talk of producing it the ECW way – which basically means it will have a less polished look to it then WWE shows do, including fewer camera angles. Their overall goal is to ‘stay true to what the brand was’.

As of today, WWE are yet to make contact with Joey Styles with regard to him doing the announcing on the show.

Mick Foley is expected to be at the show. Sources close the situation say that Vince McMahon would like to see Foley work the show as Cactus Jack and wrestle a ‘Cactus’ style match, however Foley has said that he doesn’t wish to be in a bought of that nature. Foley has now realised that as he’s getting older, his body cannot take the kind of abuse he’s put it through in the past, so he is keen on working comedy promos as to putting his body on the line again.

Expectedly, Tommy Dreamer has been heavily involved in plans for the event as has Paul Heyman.

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[ Source: PWInsider.Com ]