WWE Velocity Report (04/30/05) Taped in Birmingham, England

WWE Velocity Report-30th April 2004
By Shaun Best-Rajah.Com Reporter
Commentators Steve Romero & Josh Mathews

Welcome one and all. On a sombre note I was saddened to hear of the loss of Chris Candido this past week. It's so tragic as he'd gotten his life back on track and was doing well in TNA as Manager/Mentor of The Naturals. He will be missed and I feel for his family and friends. On a happier note I attended Raw and SmackDown! this past week and had a great time. Heat and Velocity were good too so let's kick the weekend action off with Velocity. My satellite kept playing up during the first match between The Bashams and Scotty 2 Hotty & Shannon Moore so credit to Luke Barasic of Wrestling Observer for the first match.

Scotty 2 Hotty & Shannon Moore vs. The Basham Brothers
Moore begins with Doug Basham. Doug with a snapmare. Moore fires back with an armbar, but Doug elbows out of it. Doug now hits a shouldertackle. Moore
regains momentum with a couple of armdrags. Tags in Scotty. Scotty applies an armbar, but Doug works Scotty into the wrong corner and tags in Danny Basham.
Danny applies an armwringer. He tags Doug back in, who also applies an armwringer. Scotty reverses it, though, and now tags Moore. Moore in with a top
rope crossbody on Danny. Doug runs in and clotheslines Moore and now gets tagged in. He stomps away and now combines with Danny for a double clothesline
and a one count. Doug now applies a side headlock, but Moore breaks out of it. Doug with a blind tag to Danny as Moore gets a sunset flip so the referee does
not make the count. It also allows Danny to attack Moore from behind and get a two count. Danny applies a chinlock, but Moore powers out. Danny attempts a back
suplex, but Moore rolls through and tags Scotty. Scotty with a flurry of fists. Back bodydrop for Doug. Superkick for Danny gets a two count as Doug breaks it
up. Moore clears Doug out of the ring allowing Scotty to hit the bulldog and W-O-R-M on Danny. The referee counts to two, but Doug breaks up the count. Moore
goes to take care of Doug, but gets clotheslined. Meanwhile, Scotty rolls up Danny, but Doug is back in and rolls up Scotty for the 1-2-3. Here Are Your Winners: THE BASHAM BROTHERS.

Smackdown: Chavo Guerrero gets a countout victory over Paul London, but then continues the assault post-match.

I picked things up to see Eddie, Chavo and Rey talking backstage on SmackDown! before MNM retain the tag titles and La Familia breakup when Eddie walks away from Rey.

Backlash promo airs. (Highlighting Batista, HHH, Hogan & HBK).


Nunzio & Funaki vs Billy Kidman & Akio
Funaki and Akio start. Both lockup and jostle with Funaki backing Akio to the corner. Clean break? no, however Funaki catches Akio's leg, ducks a swing but Akio lands kicks to the back. Funaki counters a powerbomb attempt into an armdrag. Funaki with a hiptoss now locks in an armbar, Akio forces Funaki into the ropes by the hair, Funaki thwarts a tilt-a-whirl slam with a boot to the gut and drives Akio's head into the corner before tagging in Nunzio. Akio is the recipient of a double backelbow and double elbowdrop and Nunzio scores a two count. Nunzio warns off Kidman who has stepped in and Akio takes advantage with a clothesline. Kidman tags in and stomps on Nunzio. Kidman with a forearm, Nunzio bounces off the ropes, blocks a hiptoss attempt, delivers a headscissors followed by a dropkick to the face off the ropes. Nunzio with a nearfall, Kidman reverses into the ropes, Akio grabs Nunzio by the hair, Nunzio forearms him down and quickly turns to boot Kidman. Kidman reverses into the ropes again, Nunzio ducks Kidman and Akio hits him with a spinning heel kick. Kidman with a nearfall puts the boots to Nunzio. Akio tags in, Kidman holds him open and Akio boots Nunzio before locking in a chinlock/vice. Nunzio punches free, Akio clubs him down and stomps away. Akio with an Irish whip follows up with a Matrix flip. Akio charges again but eats elbow, Nunzio leaps onto Akio and tries to tag the outstretched arm of Funaki. Akio keeps Nunzio at bay puts him down then knocks him down with a crescent kick which gets a two count. Akio stretches Nunzio on the mat, Nunzio gets to his feet, Akio drives a knee into Nunzio's back. Nunzio reverses an Irish whip, Akio leaps up and perches himself onto Nunzio's shoulders but Nunzio drops him face first to the canvas and both men tag out. Funaki peppers Kidman with punches before backelbowing him down off the ropes. Akio charges in, Funaki ducks a martial arts kick instead bouncing Akio off the ropes into a big backbodydrop. (Damn he sells that move well). Funaki runs the ropes delivers a bulldog to Kidman and begins to fire up. Funaki ducks Kidman's swing, delivers an enziguiri. Akio breaks up the cover at two. Nunzio runs in to punch Akio, Akio reverses into the ropes, Nunzio hangs on, Akio ducks underneath to the outside, pulls Nunzio out and both superstars clothesline each other on the floor. Back inside Funaki gathers his bearings and charges Kidman, Kidman ducks and hits Funaki with a dropkick. Kidman drags Funaki into position and goes to the top rope but misses with a Shooting Star Press and Funaki quickly takes advantage by mounting the second rope and delivering a Tornado DDT to Kidman. Funaki covers for the upset 1-2-3 as the faces avenge their defeat to Kidman and Akio from a few weeks back here on Velocity. Here Are Your Winners: NUNZIO & FUNAKI.

Up next Fatal Four way match from SmackDown!

SmackDown! Summer Bash promo airs. I got my tickets to the Manchester show yesterday. Stone Cold will be in the house people.

Highlights of Fatal Four way match from SmackDown! with a commercial thrown in halfway through. We see clips of Big Show get counted out before we join the action with the final three. Booker T gets eliminated by a Kurt Angle chairshot but he returns the blow to Kurt later on enabling JBL to get the winning pinfall.

Up next Charlie Haas vs Orlando Jordan.

Highlights of John Cena's new video "Bad, Bad Man" with the World Premiere airing on SmackDown! this week.

Charlie Haas vs Orlando Jordan
A Non-title match with some stalling to begin before both superstars try to lock arms and Orlando takes down Haas. Haas responds with a series of his own takedowns and Orlando retreats to the outside. A Charlie chant starts as Orlando gets back in and pie faces Haas who runs after Orlando who cowers to the corner and ducks his head outside. The referee separates the two and Orlando cheap shots Haas by punching him down. Orlando stomps on Haas before raking at the face in the ropes. Orlando kicks Haas in the head and talks trash before dishing out the Johnson Shuffle and finger spraying OJ in the air. Orlando gets a nearfall and applies a modified camel clutch. Haas nearly gets to his feet but Orlando cuts him off with an elbow to the neck and stomps and punches to the back/neck area. Orlando punches Haas in the corner, Irish whip, Orlando follows up with a clothesline in the corner. Orlando with another Irish whip, Haas crashes face first into the turnbuckles but instinctively brings his elbow up which smashes into the charging Orlando and both men are down. Haas gets to his feet first and takes down Orlando with a series of forearms off the ropes. Haas with a big backbodydrop, gets fired up, Haas off the ropes ducks Orlando, Orlando gets him on his back but Haas quickly counters into a sunset flip 1-2-kickout. Orlando lands a boot to the gut, picks up Haas for a scoop slam, no Haas counters into a DDT. Haas covers for another nearfall and can't believe it. Haas grabs Orlando and nails a Dudley Dog 1-2-no Orlando kicks out yet again. Haas readies Orlando for a T-Bone, Orlando slips behind and quickly hits a flatliner on Haas and that gives Orlando the win. 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: ORLANDO JORDAN.

Josh shills for SmackDown! and Steve signs off. End of Show. Keep it here for International Heat. Shaun.

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