WWE International Sunday Night Heat Report (05/01/05) Taped in Birmingham, England

WWE International Sunday Night Heat Report-1st May 2005
By Shaun Best-Rajah.Com Reporter
Commentators Todd Grisham & Marc Loyd

Welcome back everybody we're getting closer and closer to Backlash, the hours are ticking away and it's time for International Heat. The action begins with.............

Simon Dean vs Robbie Brookside
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! Simon Dean is in the house. Simon does some pushups and jumping jacks on the ramp then cuts a promo before his match. Simon says he's here to help us and talks of the obesity epidemic in England. He found a half eaten Choc Chip Cookie in Bridget Jones' Diary and says we'll get all the supplements needed when The Simon System becomes available in the UK and it will be sugarfree as he doesn't want to be responsible for giving us all rotting teeth. Simon turns to Brookside and says he's too late though and an asshole chant starts. Simon grabs Brookside's arm, Brookside reverses, northern lights suplex, wristlock into an armwringer no Simon attempts a headlock but Brookside works a go-behind into a hammerlock and Simon forces him to break it by getting to the ropes and retreats to the corner. A small Robbie chant breaks out followed by Simon Sucks as both lockup and Brookside goes to work the arm again. Simon with a boot to the gut, snapmare tries a chinlock but Brookside counters with another hammerlock. Simon tries to grab the hair before getting up but Brookside winds the arm up and kicks Simon. Simon goes to the corner and ducks his head outside and as the referee separates the two Simon kicks Brookside and throws him down by the hair. Simon lands kicks, punches and a kneelift before walking over him and dropping a shaky leg drop and getting a one count. Simon punches Brookside and applies a chinlock. Brookside backelbows free and forearms Simon, Simon off the ropes ducks Brookside and delivers a twisting neckbreaker and gets a nearfall. Simon with more kicks and punches, drops knees and chokes Brookside with his knee. Simon with a front facelock on the canvas, Brookside gets to his feet, delivers a knee, Simon drives him into the corner and chokes. Simon with a cheeky kick to the gut follows up with a slap. Brookside tries to kick back, Simon punches him down. Simon with a knee goes back to the front facelock. Brookside escapes with a knee and forearms, Simon with a cheap shot attempts a neckbreaker but Brookside reverses into a side effect and keeps on the attack with forearms and a dropkick. Brookside gets a one count then traps Simon in a backslide for two. Brookside walks into a Simon kick, Simon with a forearm, winds Brookside's arm up, hooks the leg and quickly hits a reverse takedown and that's that. 1-2-3. I don't know the exact name of that finisher sorry. Here is Your Winner: SIMON DEAN. Dean gave Brookside plenty of offense which is good. Note Robbie Brookside hails from Liverpool England and not Birmingham but the cheap hometown pop worked in this case.

Still to come The Hurricane vs Maven.

Up next Coach interviews Shawn Michaels & Hulk Hogan on Raw last week (it was taped two weeks ago though as neither HBK or Hogan were at Raw Monday).

SmackDown! Summer Bash promo airs.

HBK kicks Coach off his interview and gets Mean Gene to interview him and Hogan. What'Cha Gonna Do etc followed by Hogan destroying his T-Shirt. LOL HBK couldn't.

Backlash promo airs. (Highlighting Batista, HHH, Hogan & HBK).


The Heart Throbs vs Eric Schwarz & Domino
Quick note The Heart Throbs are Romeo Roselli & Antonio Thomas. Antonio wiggles then locks up with Schwarz. Schwarz with a side headlock takes down Antonio with a shoulder tackle off the ropes. Schwarz with a stepover, Antonio with a hiptoss, Schwarz lifts his legs and kicks Antonio down. Schwarz with an amdrag takedown grabs an arm and tags in Domino. Domino with an armbar, Antonio backs him to his corner and tags in Romeo. Romeo drives his side into Domino and punches him. Domino's head is driven into the top turnbuckle, Domino reverses an Irish whip, Romeo vaults up and over Domino, Domino with a drop toehold sends Romeo into the second turnbuckle. Domino grabs Romeo's legs and goes to throw him up and down but Romeo lands on his feet and poses. Domino with a boot to the gut, Romeo cuts off a whip to the ropes with a boot to the gut. Romeo whips Domino into Antonio, Domino knocks Antonio down but Romeo clubs Domino's back from behind and executes a back suplex which gets him a nearfall. Romeo drags Domino to his corner by the leg, lands a kick, tag to Antonio and both deliver a wiggle then a double make-a-wish to Domino. Antonio gets a nearfall, applies a chinlock with his knee wedged into Domino's back and a Gayboys chant can be heard. Domino tries to elbow free, Antonio delivers a knee, an Irish whip and a clothesline. Romeo tags in and both Heart Throbs whip Domino back to the corner he's come from before delivering a double clothesline and Romeo gets another nearfall. Romeo unloads on Domino with punches, tag to Antonio, stomp, scoop slam, elbowdrop, nearfall. Antonio goes back to the chinlock, Domino tries to elbow out again, Antonio throws him down misses with an elbow, Antonio grabs a leg, Domino swats him away with the other and makes the hot tag. Schwarz leaps in takes down Antonio with clotheslines, big backbodydrop to Romeo, Antonio off the ropes into a flapjack. Romeo breaks up the pin at two. Domino comes in, Romeo with a knee to the gut throws Domino over the top rope to the outside. Schwarz whips Antonio into the ropes, Antonio ducks underneath a big boot attempt, Romeo kicks Schwarz and The Heart Throbs connect with a double STO. Antonio covers. 1-2-3. Here Are Your Winners: THE HEART THROBS.

Still to come The Hurricane vs Maven.

Up next Batista promotes JRs victory on Raw.

Raw promo airs.

Batista riles up Triple H by showing footage of JR pinning him on Raw. Both vow to win at Backlash.

Still to come The Hurricane vs Maven.


Highlights package airs of Triple H delivering The Pedigree. WWE really is all about The Game.

Batista defeats Christian on Raw via Batista Bomb and makes an unconscious Coach count the three. Post match Triple H finally hits a Pedigree on Batista and poses.
The commentators run down the Backlash card except for the Tag Team Turmoil match.

Up next The Hurricane vs Maven.

Batista promo airs.

The Hurricane vs Maven
Main event time now folks. Maven's had his music switched back to his original theme as when I saw this match live on Monday he came out to William Regal's old heel music. His original theme suits him better in my opinion. Maven rejects the code of honor to begin and slaps Hurricane's hand away. Maven backs Hurricane to the corner and slaps his chest before backing up. Hurricane ducks Maven and works a go-behind, Maven counters with a wristlock, Hurricane with a roll reversal then into a side headlock takedown. Hurricane hits a shoulder tackle off the ropes. Hurricane goes up and over Maven into another side headlock takedown. Maven tries to wrestle out but Hurricane grabs an arm and winds it up before applying a wristlock. Hurricane blocks a Maven reversal attempt by dropping down onto him and cinching in a headlock. Maven takes Hurricane to the corner delivers elbows to the gut, Hurricane chops the chest of Maven, mounts Maven in the corner but Maven drops him down onto the top turnbuckle. Maven clubs down Hurricane, lands stomps, drops elbows, two count. Maven with a chinlock in the ropes, back suplex, another nearfall. Maven slaps the head of Hurricane as we go to...................... Triple H/Batista II Backlash promo (yet more Triple H) then a Commercial.
We're back and we see Maven deliver a dropkick to Hurricane coming off the ropes. Maven poses to boos before getting a nearfall. Maven stretches Hurricane whilst wedging his knee in his back. Hurricane gets to a vertical base, Maven with a knee to the gut, Irish whip, Maven charges only to eat an elbow and again. Maven boots Hurricane, Maven runs the ropes, Hurricane with a big clothesline and another one. Maven reverses into the ropes, Hurricane holds on and Maven's dropkick meets air. Hurricane with a rollup for two. Hurricane with a suplex, goes to the top rope, Maven cuts him off, climbs to the second rope attempting a superplex but Hurricane thwarts this by shoving him off and hitting a cross body for a two count. Hurricane signals for the Shining Wizard, Maven with a boot to the gut, Hurricane off the ropes, Maven lifts for a sidewalk slam but Hurricane spins round and hits The Eye of The Hurricane and that's that. 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: THE HURRICANE.

Grisham and Loyd shill for Backlash before Grisham thanks us for watching and signs off. End of show. I'll be back later on with the Pre-Backlash edition of Heat. My predictions quickly are BATISTA, SHELTON BENJAMIN, EDGE, VISCERA, HBK & HOGAN & THE HEART THROBS. Christian will be on the PPV also. It's a travesty he doesn't have a match already. Judging by this past week the UK love Captain Charisma and all his merchandise sold out. Well I have two things left to say in closing and that's "Backlash Needs Matt Hardy" and "Edge & Lita You Screwed Matt, You Screwed Matt". Enjoy Backlash and I'll be back later. Shaun.

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