Dark Match, WWE Sunday Night Heat *Spoilers* (5/9/05) - Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

Report by: Skattagories, rajah.com reader

There was a dark match between Steven Richards and Matt Cappotelli. Richards was way over and tons of ECW chants.

Sunday night Heat:

Coach and Todd Grisom came out. Coach got major heat from the Wilkes Barre Crowd.

Val Venis Vs. CM Punk: Val won the match via a pin

William Regal Vs. Heartthrob Antonio. (Prior to the match there was an interview with Maria about the Match) Regal won via Disqualifaction.

Masterlock Challenge: He picked a screwny little guy from the ring who said his name was Greg and he was from Pennsylvania. Anyways, it was for $5,000 but "Greg" lost.


Lilian Garcia opened up the show with the singing of the National Anthem. The girl is totally amazing and she has a voice like no other.

Shawn Michaels got his chain from his jacket stuck in the grate. He tried to get up the first time and fell back down, then finally pulled it off, It looked like it might have been choking him or something so he just pulled it off. Once he got back down to the ring, the ref gave him a hard time about it so he went and told (people say it was Fit Finley but I don't think so, he was bald and tall. Fit is not tall) to pick it up. The ring tech did not hear them so the bald guy started screaming at him to get it up.

The segment with Viscera very entertaining. The fans loved it. Especially when he went around ringside eating the guys Nachos. Very Entertaining.

Flair is HUGE. Everyone was screaming WHOOOOOOOOOOO..

During the taped Lita/Kane Segment, WE WANT TRISH cheers were all over the arena. And as soon as Lita came out.. The WE WANT MATT, LITA SCREWED MATT, YOU SCREWED MATT, LITA SUCKS chants were so loud. Same thing with Edge. It was a lot louder in the arena then it was on TV.

Post Raw:

There was a scheduled match between Batista and Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H and Ric Flair. But they changed it last minute. Muhammad came out and was saying that it was totally unfair that he did not get a chance to be on Raw even though he is the only undefeated one there. Bischoff came out and announced a Handicap match with Davari and Muhammad, Batista defeated them and then posed for pictures for 10 mins while he flirted with girls and holding onto them. There was this kid in the audience that was disabled and he made a sign that said Disabled kid wants the animals autograph, he took the sign and signed it.

It was a good show.