Oratory Writer Search - Intro - We're Hiring! (Non-Column)

Greetings to all Oratory and Rajah.com Readers! This is John C. here, the author of the WWE News & Views and also The John Report. If you've ever been interested in writing about wrestling on the internet then this is the opportunity you have bene looking for. Please read the following carefully and proceed accordingly. Thank you in advance.

Have you ever read through the great columns on the Oratory and wondered, "I'd love the chance to write for these guys!" Well, that chance has finally arrived. As you can tell by the title of this post, we are conducting something called the Oratory Writer Search (OWS for short). Think American Idol, think Raw Diva Search, think Tough Enough. Okay, so it's not the same as those in terms of the prize. The premise is the same though. The winner of the OWS gets to become a full time Oratory writer. There is no other prize. What you get is the chance to write at one of the most successful internet wrestling sites with a built in audience that is ready to hear your thoughts on the wrestling business.

The Oratory has been one of the top wrestling column sites on the internet since our inception in February of 1999. We have been going six years strong with no end in sight. We have had a partnership with Rajah.com that will be expanding as Oratory writers will be posting the majority of their columns on the Rajah.com main page in the very near future. Rajah.com has been one of the internet's most popular websites over the past eight years. So not only will you be a part of the Oratory family, but you will also have your work posted at Rajah.com where several more thousand readers will have the chance to read your opinions.

Remember: There is no pay in this. As much as we would all love to make money about writing about wrestling, this is basically volunteer work. It's good writing experience. That's all. No money. Sorry.

The easy cut and paste submission form will be below. But first, there are several things you must know before you submit.


The Guidelines
These are not negotiable, so please read over them carefully because if you go against what we've got here your submission will be declared ineligible.

- Your column must be on professional wrestling. You can tie other subjects (music, movies, sports, etc.) into it, but it must be on wrestling. Doesn't have to be WWE. Could be on indy wrestling, could be about something from the past, could be on Japanese wrestling. Whatever you want. Just make sure it is on professional wrestling. We are a professional wrestling site. That's what we do.

- Only one submission is allowed per name and/or email address.

- No show reviews/previews, video game reviews/previews or anything of that sort. We already have the RRC, OTC and all of the PPV previews/reviews on the site. We're looking more for people who can write a straight-up column with this competition. Should you win the competition, you can write reviews/previews the same way any current Oratory writer can.

- Avoid list columns. They are good every once in a while, but if you are going to showcase your writing to us then it's a good idea to do something other than "The Top 50 Whatever" as your topic.

- The length of the column is important. It must be a minimum of 1000 words and a maximum of 1600 words. We won't disallow your submission if it's, say 1650 words, but please try to respect our wishes on this. We're going to be reading many of those and don't feel like reading 3000 word pieces all the time. You can say plenty in under 1600 words. Trust us. Should you win the competition these limitations would be lifted. However, for the contest you must follow the word limit.

- Excellent Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPAG) is a MUST. We're potentially looking at hundreds of columns over the span of a month. If it doesn't look clean, we're not even going to bother with reading it.

- Try to focus around one central topic. Digest pieces are okay, but we're really looking for one focus here. To get a better idea of what we're talking about, read the columns on the Oratory Main Page.

- Be original. Write about something that isn't so popular. It's a good way to make you stand out from the rest of the pack.

- Only one column at a time, please. You will be notified if you made the next round, and can then send another. Do not email us asking if you have moved on to the next round. You will know if you get an email back from us, or when we are ready to move on to round two.


Copy And Paste Submission Form
Here's what you will have to fill out on the submission form.

NAME: (Your pen name. Doesn't have to be your real name. This is mandatory. We can't hire you if we don't have a name.)

EMAIL: (We need a valid email address to contact you should you be deemed worthy of moving on to the next round of the competition. This is mandatory. Only people who move on into the next round will receive an email.)

LOCATION: (Where do you live? This is optional.)

COLUMN TITLE: (What's the title of the column you are sending? At this point you don't have to have a title like The John Report or A Mark's View or whatever. You just need the column of your specific column. So if you're writing about why Chris Benoit is the best then you can simply go with "Why Chris Benoit is the best" as your title. Creativity with the title is a good thing, though, remember that. This is mandatory.)

THE BODY: (Your column goes in here. Obviously this is mandatory).

No attachments please. Put the column in the body of the email. No linking to other sites where your column is up. You have to post your column in the email or it will not be read. Simple as that.

If one of the mandatory fields is left empty then your submission will be thrown out. We're not about to hire somebody who can't follow instructions as easy as these.

Here is the easy cut and paste submission form.



In the subject line, simply put "Oratory Writer Search" and that should be fine.


Important Submission Info
The deadline for submissions will be JUNE 12, 2005 at 11:59pmET. Any column received before that date will be considered in the writer search. Anything after that date will be disallowed. You will have slightly over 14 days to send in your column. Frankly, if you can't write something between 14 days then you're not cut out for this.

The email address for submissions is OratoryWriterSearch@gmail.com and only OratoryWriterSearch@gmail.com. If you send it to any other address it will not count. Send your submission only once. If you feel like you sent it and maybe it didn't send, send it again one other time to make sure. Otherwise, please, only send it once.

If you have a question about the competition that I didn't answer for you here, email me at oratoryjohn@gmail.com and I will answer your question as best I can. Please not that if you send your column to me at that address I will simply delete it without reading it. If you're asking me about this and you want a quick response put "Oratory Writer Search" in the subject line because otherwise a response may take some time due to all of the other emails I receive.

We will not be deciding who advances to the second round until the deadline has passed. Once June 13th hits, it could take us a few days or two weeks. We don't know. Depends on how much reading we have to do. Chances are we will update in the Oratory forums, so if you don't have an account there then maybe you should sign up if you want to know how our evaluation process is going.

There will be several rounds in the process. After initial submissions, we will narrow the field down to anywhere from twenty writers to fifty. We don't really know. It depends on how many of you apply. After round two, we will cut it down to 16. From there, we'll cut it down to 8, then 4 and then 2. The winner will likely write six columns over the course of this process.

Once round two begins and for every round thereafter, we will be creating a sub-site to post the columns in order for everybody to read them. We will put a link up once we are ready for that.

There will be seven Oratory writers acting as judges for the Oratory Writer Search. The judges are: Justin T., Scott Newman, The Maverick, Matt Seagull, Ian Weinstein, Brett Berliner and Chris Brosnahan. I, John C., will oversee everything and will act as a host more than a participant in this process. You may get feedback from any of these judges at any time should they feel the need to reply to you about something. Maybe they will offer you advice. It's up to them. Just know that there are several eyes reading this. Not just one person or two people. There's seven.


Final Thoughts
This is being done because we feel there needs to be more columns on the main page and I want to do everything I can to make that happen. Writers get in lulls. I know that. That's why we could use some more staff. Notice what I said there. I didn't say just one person. I said "more" because it is my hope that we can add a number of people based off of this search. Presently, the way to get hired at the Oratory is through plying your trade in our Reader's Columnist Corner, which is located in our forums. Over half of our current staff made their way to the main page via the RCC and we hope that those of you that don't win this competition will be interested in writing in the RCC so that you too can make it to the main page one day.

If you asked any Oratory writer how they were at the very beginning they would tell you that they sucked. If they didn't, they are lying. All of us have to start somewhere. As long as you like what you're writing about, as long as you have passion for it, it will show in your writing. We know there are talented people out there reading this. People better than any of us. That's why we are doing this. We want to find the best. Not just the one person that gets automatically hired. We want more ten people. Even twenty. We want to make the finest group of wrestling writers even better by adding you to our team. If you ever read a column and thought: "I could do better than that" then this is your chance. Not your only chance, because we do have the RCC always open for business, but it is your best chance. Don't hesitate to act on it because you may regret it. You don't want to wonder "what if" do you?

On behalf of everybody involved with The Oratory, thank you for reading and thank you for your interest in the Oratory Writer Search.

Good luck.

The Oratory Staff