WWE Velocity Report (05/28/05) Taped in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

WWE Velocity Report-28th May 2005
By Shaun Best-Rajah.Com Reporter
Commentators Steve Romero & Josh Mathews

Hi welcome aboard everyone. I've goofed this week and missed most of Velocity due to sleeping in after a heavy night out so please credit all bar the Main Event to Luke Barasic of WrestlingObserver.Com. With that in mind let's get on with Velocity.

We open with still images of the I Quit match. Joy Giovanni is guest ring announcer for the opening match. Howard Finkel, she ain't.

The Basham Brothers vs Funaki &Nunzio
Funaki gets tossed from the ring before the bell. Doug clotheslines Nunzio and gets a 2 count. Doug with another clothesline. Nunzio attempts a
crucifix...blocked...sunset flip...blocked. Now, Doug misses an elbowdrop, but Nunzio has no-one to tag as Funaki is still down. Doug flapjacks Nunzio and
tags in Danny Basham. Danny with a back suplex. Meanwhile, Doug scurries under the ring and pulls Funaki down off the apron with Funaki's chin connecting with
the apron on the way down. A powerbomb attempt by Danny is reversed into a cover by Nunzio for 2. Doug tagged back in and he applies a headlock. Nunzio
breaks out of it. Doug goes after Funaki, but Funaki clotheslines him on the top rope. He quickly tags in Danny who misses a corner splash and Nunzio
finally tags in Funaki. Funaki with a flying headscissors and a bulldog. He goes for the cover, but Doug interrupts the count at 2. Nunzio bulldogs Doug
who rolls out of the ring, but he misses a pescado on the outside. Meanwhile, Funaki heads up top, but Doug gets up on the apron and pushes Funaki down to
the waiting Danny who delivers a sit-down powerbomb for the 1-2-3. Here Are Your Winners: THE BASHAM BROTHERS.

Smackdown: Highlights of the Smackdown battle royal. Kurt Angle then challenges Sharmell.

Michelle McCool is the guest announcer for this next match.

Booker T w/Sharmell vs Quinson Valentino
Sharmell is a little less excited than usual. Booker with some chops and a leg lariat to take the early advantage. Booker with a back heel kick and then
delivers some more chops in the corner. Valentino gets an eyepoke in and a few chops to Booker T. He misses a clothesline allowing Booker to hit a superkick.
Booker now with a spinebuster and a spinarooni. Scissor kick finishes for the 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: BOOKER T

RAW: Highlights of the ECW funeral. Sorry, but what are RAW highlights doing on a Smackdown-brand show?

Miss Jackie is your guest announcer for this match. She plays babyface to metaphorically slap the faces of those who attend house shows.

Billy Kidman vs Shannon Moore
Kidman whips Moore into the corner, but Moore leaps onto the second rope and comes off it with a crossbody for a 2 count. Kidman gets a quickfire dropkick
to take control. He pounds away and then chokes Moore on the ropes and covers for 2. Kidman now applies a headlock, but Moore breaks out of it. Kidman gets
whipped into the corner, misses a clothesline and then walks into a clothesline by Moore. Moore with a back bodydrop and a leg lariat. Moore clotheslines
Kidman over the top rope and Moore follows it up with a somersault plancha. He rolls Kidman back in, but misses a corkscrew moonsault. Kidman hits the BK Bomb
and follows it up with a shooting star press for the 1-2-3. Short, but good while it lasted. Here is Your Winner: BILLY KIDMAN.

Orlando Jordan vs Mark Jindrak
Guest ring announcer for the Velocity Main Event is Torrie Wilson. This one's for the US Title. At least it's being defended now but please what's going on with Mark Jindrak? Heel on SmackDown! last week and at Judgment Day now back as a face. Make your mind up WWE. Lockup leads to Orlando backing Jindrak to the corner. Orlando turns to block Jindrak in and delivers an elbow. Orlando with a punch, headbutt, and choke with his boot picks up Jindrak and slams him down. Orlando talks trash and poses ala cabinet horns. Orlando picks up Jindrak and clubs him into the ropes. Jindrak off the ropes reverses a hiptoss and delivers an armdrag and standing dropkick and Orlando rolls to the outside. Jindrak quickly follows and back inside Orlando feigns mercy and swings a leg. Jindrak catches, delivers an atomic drop and schoolboys Orlando for two. Side headlock takedown by Jindrak. Orlando sends off the ropes, Jindrak with a shouldertackle, cover gets one. Jindrak advances and Orlando sends him through the ropes after tugging the tights. Jindrak gets on the apron but is sent off by an Orlando headbutt. Orlando goes out and delivers a running knee to Jindrak's head against the guardrail before tossing him back in where Orlando puts the boots to Jindrak, clubs the back and stomps a mudhole in the corner. Orlando with an Irish whip and clothesline. Orlando fingersprays OJ in the air before covering Jindrak for a two. Orlando measures Jindrak before dishing out the Johnson Shuffle but Jindrak ducks and rolls up Orlando for a two. Orlando backelbows Jindrak down. Orlando hits two swinging neckbreakers and stomps Jindrak again. Orlando gets another two, Orlando places Jindrak's head up. Orlando off the ropes lands a kick to the back of Jindrak's head. Orlando applies a rear naked choke. Jindrak backelbows free, Orlando knees the gut and drives an elbow to the neck of Jindrak. Irish whip by Orlando, Jindrak ducks a clothesline and hits a left hook before dropping into the second ropes himself. Orlando punches Jindrak's back, tries to drive Jindrak into the corner but Jindrak shoves Orlando there and hits another left hook. Orlando punches Jindrak's ribs then tries to ram his head into the top turnbuckle but Jindrak reverses after hitting an elbow to the sternum. Orlando punches again and tries again in another corner but Jindrak puts the brakes on again delivers another elbow to Orlando and Orlando's head meets the turnbuckle twelve times. Orlando staggers back, Jindrak hits two clotheslines. Orlando bounces off the ropes into a big backbodydrop. Jindrak nails a one legged dropkick and covers. New champion 1-2-no. Jindrak waits on Orlando, boot to the gut, Jindrak lifts for a double underhook move but can only get Orlando up halfway. Jindrak runs the ropes but Orlando catches him and delivers a lifting flatliner. That's it 1-2-3. Jindrak is stopped dead in his tracks. Here is Your Winner and still US Champion: ORLANDO JORDAN.

Josh shills for Orlando Jordan? Steve shills for the Draft before signing off. On SmackDown! this week it's Kurt Angle vs Sharmell. End of show. Keep it here for Heat. Shaun.

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