WWE Sunday Night Heat Report (05/29/05) Taped in Green Bay, Wisconsin

WWE Sunday Night Heat Report-29th May 2005
By Shaun Best-Rajah.Com Reporter
Commentators Todd Grisham & Jonathan Coachman

Welcome back everyone it's now time for Heat and continuing on the theme of Velocity we have a Guest Ring Announcer for our opening contest as 'Walk Idiot Walk' blares out and Christy Hemme makes her way out to announce our first match which is...............................................

Robert Conway vs Val Venis
Is Conway looking to avenge Sylvain's loss to Val last week on Heat or is he just looking to upstage his partner. You decide. I think it's the latter. Conway comes out without his flag again and professes he's number one in La Resistance. Hellllllllloooooooo Ladies Val and Coach talk trash to each other during Val's entrance. Val chucks his towel to a hottie at ringside and gives Christy props as she makes her way to the outside. Bell goes and USA USA is heard. Conway gains the advantage by tying Val's arm behind his back. Val reverses, Conway elbows Val and applies a headlock. Conway off the ropes gets knocked down via a clothesline. Conway goes to the corner, Val delivers a boot but Conway ducks a short arm clothesline attempt and delivers a series of forearms to Val. Val cuts off an Irish whip, drives a knee to Conway's gut and executes a side russian legsweep, two count. Val chops Conway sends him off the ropes and backelbows him down. Val slams Conway, Val runs the ropes and drops a knee onto Conway, two count again. Conway goes to the corner again, Val follows, Conway boots Val away and delivers a delayed rake to the face as USA USA is chanted again. Conway drives Val shoulderfirst into the ringpost and covers for a one. Conway throws Val's arm down to the canvas before continually booting the shoulder and dropping a leg onto Val's arm. Conway wraps Val's arm around the second rope and tugs away. Conway with an armwringer twice drives his shoulder into Val's. Val drops to the canvas and Conway locks in a wristlock keeping Val's arm twisted and exposing his sore shoulder area. Val gets to a vertical base, Conway kicks the gut, wrenches the arm again and reels Val in but Val punches Conway. Conway tries again, Val lands another punch and reels Conway into a backbodydrop. Val shakes off the left arm and punches and chops Conway. Conway off the ropes, backelbow by Val. Val with a clothesline. Val drives Conway's head into the top turnbuckle then again in the opposite corner. Val with a swingout slam (sitdown powerbomb) for two. Val throws Conway off the ropes, Val puts his head down too early though and Conway boots him in the shoulder. Conway charges and Val catches and manages to hit a half nelson slam. Val goes up for the Money Shot but Conway gets out of dodge before Val takes off. Val jumps down and charges Conway in the corner but Conway moves and Val goes shoulderfirst into the corner. Conway drops Val's shoulder down across his knee. Conway takes Val down, keeps ahold of Val's arm and works another wristlock. Conway twists his body round and drops to the canvas keeping the wristlock applied and Val taps out. Val cannot conquer La Resistance. Match told a nice story with Conway building towards a submission finish. Here is Your Winner: ROBERT CONWAY.

We cut backstage to see The Hurricane talking with Rosey and Stacy Keibler and saying how having a female superhero is great when they are interrupted by Simon Dean and Maven. Maven calls them the Dynamic Duds and Little Miss Super Diva before saying they haven't forgotten what they did to them two weeks ago on Raw. Simon Dean says they should be the tag champions but they aren't because of Stacy. Simon says The Superheroes had to use their Superpowers to distract him and Maven and Stacy blinded them with all that disgusting cellulite on her fat derriere. Maven chips in with Fat Butt. Cue laughs from the fitness duo. Hurricane says it seems the two evildoers cannot accept the fact that they are losers and would rather blame an innocent damsel and he must ask them Wasupwidat. Simon says what's up with that is they aren't the ones to blame, Stacy is, beacuse if it wasn't for her they would have beaten The Hurrilame and his rotund partner and they would have been tag team champions yeaahhhhhhhhhh. Stacy says the only things they are going to be champions of is Synchronised Squat Thrusts. Cue laughs and sarcastic ones from Simon and Maven. Rosey blocks them from advancing towards Stacy. Maven says he'll see Hurricane later tonight and he'd better not see Stacy. Hurricane says Stacy won't be there. Stacy says they won't see her.

Still to come Maven vs The Hurricane.

Later Batista vs Edge from Raw.

WWE Rewind Daivari pins Shelton Benjamin in a handicap match from Raw last Monday.

Chris Jericho beats Sylvain Grenier on Raw and walks away from Shelton Benjamin whilst playing up his 'busy' schedule. I like this slow heel turn for Y2J which he's basing off his real life feelings.

Simon Dean promo airs. I believe in you. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


WWE Slam of The Week. On Raw two weeks ago Superhero Diva Stacy helps the Superheroes defeat the Fitness Duo.

Maven w/Simon Dean vs The Hurricane w/Rosey & Superhero Diva Stacy Keibler
The fitness guys have their own Simon System belts. Maven and Simon go over to Coach and the three give each other props as Simon gives Coach one of his bars. Todd wonders where his is. Todd says he needs The Simon System. Here come the Superheroes and Stacy is looking hot or at least I think it's Stacy but I can't be sure LOL. Who is it? Hahaha. Customary entrance for the Superheroes. Stacy bends down. Sign watch 'Rescue Me Stacy'. I wish that too. Back to the match and from a lockup Maven takes Hurricane to the corner and offers a clean break. A Maven sucks chant riles up Simon outside. Second lockup and Maven sends Hurricane back and shows off with some pushups and flexes his muscles. Hurricane gets the crowd going, locks up with Maven once again and rolls up Maven for one. Hurricane with a headlock, off the ropes, shouldertackle puts Maven down. Hurripose, stepover, Hurripushups in front of Maven. Maven misses with an elbow. Hurricane with an armwringer pulls away at the arm. Hurricane with a judo throw drops a leg onto Maven's arm. Hurricane with an armbar, Maven distracts the referee instigating usage of the tights and he cheapshots Hurricane with a forearm. Hurricane off the ropes, Maven goes for a slam, Hurricane slips behind, works an armdrag takedown into an armbar. Maven gets up and forces Hurricane to the corner. Maven drives his elbow into Hurricane a couple of times before flexing again. Maven charges Hurricane in the corner but eats an elbow. Hurricane goes to the top rope but Maven rolls out onto the apron and motions towards some Simon interference. Hurricane advances and grabs Maven who turns and drops Hurricane's throat across the top rope sending him flying backwards to the canvas. Maven stomps Hurricane before executing a neckbreaker complete with posing and that gets him a two count. Hurricane fights back with slaps to Maven's chest. Hurricane boots Maven, runs the ropes, Maven hits Hurricane with a dropkick and demands the referee raises his arm there and then for that last move. During this Simon chokes and smacks Hurricane from the outside. Maven covers for a nearfall then traps Hurricane in a front facelock. Hurricane responds to Rosey and the mystery woman's (wink) support and gets to his feet. Maven tries clubbing Hurricane's back but Hurricane punches back himself eventually breaking free. Maven boots Hurricane goes for another neckbreaker but his posing leads to Hurricane reversing and knocking Maven down with a punch. Hurricane with a clothesline, Maven reverses off the ropes and Hurricane counters a hiptoss attempt by nailing Maven with a reverse impaler/unprettier maneuver. Hurricane goes to the top rope, Maven gets up and punches Hurricane. Maven goes up attempting a superplex, Hurricane punches and shoves Maven off before hitting him with a cross body from the top 1-2-kickout. Hurricane drives Maven's head into the turnbuckle, Hurricane goes to the second rope and hits Maven with a flying neckbreaker. Hurricane calls for the Shining Wizard. Maven dodges a first swing but Hurricane nails him with it a second time and covers 1-2-no Maven has his foot on the bottom rope. Maven in desperation drops Hurricane's head onto the bottom turnbuckle and Simon distracts the referee as he leaves his gym bag in the corner. Simon continues to distract the referee whilst moving outside the ring but he walks into Rosey who clotheslines him down. Back inside, Maven sees the gym bag and makes a grab for it as does Stacy who gets to it first. Maven ducks his head out to talk trash to Stacy who slaps him in the face. Maven staggers back and walks into the Hurricane who delivers the Eye of the Hurricane. 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: THE HURRICANE. Post match all three Superheroes celebrate.

Still to come Texas Tornado Tag match. William Regal & Tajiri vs The Heart Throbs.

Up next ECW Funeral from Raw.

SmackDown! UK Summer Bash promo airs. WWE.Com for details.

Eric Bischoff's ECW Funeral is interrupted by Vince McMahon then Paul Heyman on Raw. Gang Warfare has begun and will be taken to the Extreme. Heyman lights the wreath Bischoff prepared. ECW ECW ECW ECW!

Batista promo airs.


Batista pins Edge on Raw following interference/help from Ric Flair, Tyson Tomko, Christian and Lita. Batista checks on Flair post match as Triple H makes his return with a sledgehammer. Flair turns on Batista (he sold the low blow far too long) and Triple H destroys Batista with a sledgehammer and Pedigree onto the belt. Triple H mentions Hell in a Cell for the third straight June and we are going to get yet another Triple H Title shot. Batista/Triple H three. I might hate Edge but I hate it more that Triple H won't let anyone else into the World Title picture. He's killing Raw. It really is all about the Game.

Don't Try This At Home.

The Heart Throbs vs William Regal & Tajiri
Candice Michelle is the Guest Ring Announcer for the Heat Main Event for what it's worth. Todd loves her, I'm really not bothered. She's never on TV in any role like most other Eye candy Divas. Make her a Valet or something. The Heart Throbs thrust their way down and we see the Heat history between these two teams and what has led us to this big matchup. The Heart Throbs thrust in front of Candice and as Candice introduces the faces Coach drops an expletive about her which is blanked out. No F Bomb on Heat then LOL. Regal and Tajiri rush down and a brawl breaks out immediately. Regal works over Antonio in one corner with knees while Tajiri gains the upper hand on Romeo in another corner with kicks and chops. Romeo reverses a Tajiri Irish whip and charges into the Tarantula. Meanwhile Regal sets Antonio up in the corner for Shattered Dreams and Tajiri then does the same with Romeo in the opposite corner. Regal and Tajiri unhook Romeo and decide to drive him head first into Antonio's crotch. The Heart Throbs catch a breather outside. Back inside now and Regal and Tajiri maintain the upper hand and deliver a double backbodydrop to Antonio. Romeo is the recipient of a double chop off the ropes. Regal and Tajiri unload more kicks, knees and punches on the Heart Throbs in the corner keeping them separated. Regal Irish whips Antonio and goes to help Tajiri as Romeo begins to fight back. Romeo is Irish whipped into Antonio and Tajiri puts Romeo down with a crescent kick. Antonio gets a one armed german suplex by Regal and Romeo pulls him outside as we go to an.............

ECW One Night Stand promo. (Sky Sports 1 at 1am on June 12th here in the UK). Commercial. June 6th it's the Draft Lottery. It's time to shake things up again.

We're back and the Heart Throbs begin to mount some offense and take over the match with Romeo working on Tajiri and Antonio on Regal. Regal and Tajiri are whipped into one another no they twirl around and charge at the Heart Throbs with Regal nailing Antonio but Tajiri is driven into the corner by Romeo and he falls to the outside. Romeo attacks Regal from behind and The Heart Throbs work on Regal with a double suplex and both in turn beat Regal's head in with punches with Antonio impatiently shoving his partner off of Regal. Romeo charges Regal into the corner before The Heart Throbs whip him backfirst into the same corner. Antonio gets a nearfall as Romeo keeps Tajiri from coming back in by kicking him. The Heart Throbs dish out a double backelbow to Regal, double elbows and double pelvic thrusts before Romeo baseball slides Tajiri back outside. Regal tries but fails to stop the Heart Throbs from cinching in a double Boston Crab. Tajiri gets on the apron and Antonio knees him off. Regal tries to fight back but is driven into a corner and worked on. Romeo Irish whips Antonio into Regal but he moves and knocks Romeo down with a clothesline. This finally allows Tajiri to get back in via a kick to Antonio's head. Tajiri runs the ropes and dropkicks Antonio in the head. Tajiri chops a charging Romeo down twice. Romeo bounces off the ropes into a Tajiri spinning heel kick. Tajiri fires up, ducks Antonio and delivers a German suplex into a bridge. 1-2-no it's broken up by Romeo. Regal ambushes Romeo and charges but Romeo sends him over the top rope to the floor. Tajiri chops Antonio in the ropes, Antonio reverses into the ropes, Tajiri bounces off and attempts a springboard backelbow but Antonio counters by punching Tajiri in the back of the head. The Heart Throbs hit a double STO on Tajiri and Antonio covers. 1-2-3. Here Are Your Winners: THE HEART THROBS.

Grisham shills for Raw and thanks us for watching. End of Show. I will be back next week. Have a good one. Until we meet again. Shaun.

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