TNA & Real Networks Sign Deal To Allow Online Streaming Of Impact!

Since losing its television deal with Fox Sports Net last month, TNA Wrestling currently has no national television outlet. Instead of leaving their fans high and dry without the ability to keep up with TNA shows and storylines, the company began airing new episodes of their weekly show Impact! online at The big problem was that the show took forever to download and turned away many fans looking for their weekly fix of TNA.

TNA acknowledged the problem and has acted on it immediately. An announcement was posted on the message boards by TNA staffer Bill Banks, stating that TNA has signed a deal that allows fans to view the weekly Impact! shows instantly (streaming) without having to wait hours to download it. Below is his official statement:

Hey all,

I just wanted to give everyone the news first in the Impact Community that on Tuesday afternoon we signed a deal with Real Networks (maker of the Real Player) to air Impact online beginning this Friday.

The good news – instantaneous, streaming of Impact

One sidenote – you will all have to download a free copy of RealPlayer beforehand to watch it. To download the RealPlayer, please go to and click on the “RealPlayer Free Download” area to the right…

Once you have downloaded RealPlayer, we will have a link up on the website this Friday starting at 4PM ET and continuing throughout the week to click on to watch the Impact stream.

We will have a complete release on the deal with Real Networks up tomorrow on the website.

Bill Banks

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