WWE Spoils Tonight's Draft Picks, Cena's New Music Video, & More

Credit: WWE.com

John Cena to shoot new music video
June 30, 2005

Rumor has it that WWE Champion John Cena is preparing to shoot a second music video from his debut album "You Can't See Me."

Following the success of the first music video for "Bad, Bad Man," the Dr. of Thuganomics has plans to begin production on "Right Now" sometime next week.

Check back here as WWE.com will continue to update you on this story, including where and when the video will be shot.

In addition to the above article posted on WWE.com, the website has also updated it's main splash page with a preview graphic for tonight's SmackDown! tapings, which has profile cut-outs of the two stars who will join the SD! brand from the RAW crew tonight. It's not exactly hard to make out who they are, so if you haven't read our spoilers for tonight's show (ie the traded RAW superstar to Smackdown), avoid WWE.com if you don't want to have tonight's lottery pick spoiled for you, or atleast don't pay too much attention to their main page.

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