Heyman's WWE Status; Signing With TNA?, Joe Styles-ECW, Flair Suffers Knee Injury

Credit: PWTorch.Com Newsletter

Joey Styles will continue to work his Monday to Friday day job, however is signed on to work various ECW-related voice cover projects.

Ric Flair suffered a minor knee injury at this past week’s RAW during his match with Kurt Angle. It’s nothing too serious, just a small knock.

Paul Heyman has not signed a new contract with WWE. Heyman’s current contract with WWE is set to expire at the end of this year, with a possibility that WWE wont renew it (due to political grudges, a lack of trusting him, and the general of lack of respect for "wrestling knowledge" in WWE's current "sports entertainment" environment).

If Heyman were up for it, TNA President Dixie Carter seems to be the type who would definitely pursue him for a head creative role.

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