The Shaun Selector-Nomination List 3

The Shaun Selector
Nomination List 3
By Shaun Best-Rajah.Com Reporter

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Yokozuna (SummerSlam 1996)

Shawn Michaels vs Yokozuna (Raw 1996)

Hardy Boyz vs Kaientai (Raw 1999 Owen Memorial)

Owen Hart vs 1-2-3 Kid (King of the Ring 1994)

Bret Hart vs Mr Perfect (King of the Ring 1993)

Rockers vs Twin Towers (WrestleMania V)

Demolition vs Powers of Pain & Mr Fuji (WrestleMania V)

Royal Rumble 1997 Match.

Christian vs Harry Beaver Cleavage (Raw 1999)

Edge vs Tiger Ali Singh (Capital Carnage 1998)

Edge vs Owen Hart (Breakdown 1998)

The Ringmaster vs Matt Hardy (WWF TV 1996)

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Scott Taylor (Scotty 2 Hotty, WWF TV 1996)

Ric Flair vs Mr Perfect (Loser Leaves WWF Raw 1993)

Mankind vs Big Show (Boiler Room Brawl Backlash 1999)

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