WWE Sunday Night Heat Report (07/17/05) Taped in East Rutherford, New Jersey

WWE Sunday Night Heat Report-17th July 2005
By Shaun Best-Rajah.Com Reporter
Commentators Todd Grisham & Jonathan Coachman

Welcome back everybody. Following hot on the heels of an action packed Velocity it's now time for Heat which kicks off this week with............................

Victoria vs Talia
I'm really digging Victoria's new slowed down music. Victoria's wearing a nice punky T-shirt saying "Widows Peak Freak". Diva Jobbers? Cool. Apparently a Victoria promo is edited out presumably because it wasn't very good but Coach and Grisham still make note of it saying Christy gets attention due to her red hair according to Victoria. Victoria removes her shirt to reveal a skimpy pink number. Lockup no Victoria swats Talia's arm away. Victoria works a go-behind, Talia reverses and leapfrogs Victoria. Talia with a snapmare, cover gets one. Talia armdrags cue a standoff and Victoria laughs. Victoria extends the hand. Code of Honor no well sort of as Victoria reels in Talia and they walk fixed together a bit (kiss her) until Victoria headbutts and throws Talia down by the hair. Victoria boots Talia and covers but pulls Talia up at one. Victoria grabs Talia by the hair picks her up and drives her into the corner. Victoria repeatedly drives her head into Talia's gut. Victoria slaps Talia's face and delivers a short arm clothelsine. Cover for two, Victoria with a vice. Talia gets up and runs back driving Victoria into the corner before running forwards and throwing Victoria down. After a restbite Talia goes to the corner to help herself up, Victoria advances but Talia boots her away and elbows her down. Talia with a cross body off the top rope, Victoria rolls on top 1-2-no. Victoria throws some haymakers, picks up Talia, Talia off the ropes, Talia comes back with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Talia throws Victoria to the canvas and covers for two. Talia with forearms, Irish whip, Talia charges and hits a clothesline in the corner. Talia goes for mounted punches, Victoria with a powerbomb 1-2-no. Victoria goes to grab Talia but Talia kicks Victoria in the head. Talia up, Victoria boots the gut and executes the Widow's Peak. That's it 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: VICTORIA. Victoria makes her way to the back as Coach sends it backstage to Maria with the phenomenal one (no not AJ styles either I know I wish it was too).

Maria: Two weeks ago on Raw you called yourself simply phenomenal. What do you mean by that?
Dupree: Do you realize who you're talking to?
Maria: (Excitedly) Yeah you're Rene Dupree.
Dupree: (Sarcastically high pitched) Yeah you're Rene Dupree. (Seriously) I'm the French Phenom baby get it right. You know you're like every typical American girl.
Beautiful blue eyes, pretty smile and an IQ of about ohhhh....
Maria: 36.
Dupree: Yeah 36. Listen tonight I will face and beat Val Venis, and then even you will realize that I am simply phenomenal. (Dupree paints the metaphorical picture and leaves)
Maria looks on puzzled as Coach laughs saying it's not really there.

Still to come six man tag match. The Superheroes & Viscera vs Tyson Tomko & The Heart Throbs. Yes we get to see Stacy.

Up next Carlito vs Shelton Benjamin for Intercontinental title from Raw.

WWE Rewind: Vengeance. Carlito retains the Intercontinental title over Shelton Benjamin after exposing the turnbuckle and letting Shelton smack into it.

Carlito retains his Intercontinental title on Raw after getting knocked out of the ring and opting to take the count out loss leaving Shelton Benjamin mad.

Later Chris Jericho confronts John Cena on Raw.

Raw promo airs.


Brief highlights air from the recent Raw tour to Japan and South Korea with John Cena shown signing autographs and saying how much fun he's had along with other Superstars.

Rene Dupree vs Val Venis
No Fifi. Rene still has his flag though and a new titantron but same old La Resistance music. We see highlights of his Raw re-debut two weeks ago and how he cheated to beat Val Venis. Val has a chance for revenge on his show. Various girls are shown during Val's entrance. Val chucks the towel to a girl and a guy is shown looking upset that the girl behind him got the towel. Small USA chant. Dupree ducks a lockup to pose then ducks his head outside as Val advances. The referee ushers Val away and Dupree from behind forearms Val down before delivering mounted punches. Dupree kicks the back then rams Val head first into the top turnbuckle. Dupree chops Val sending him to another corner. Dupree follows and punches. Irish whip puts Val down holding his head. Dupree points and tells the fans to shut up cue a USA chant. Dupree punches then delivers a short arm clothesline. Dupree traps Val's head in a vice. Val backelbows free and both men exchange punches. Dupree rakes the face and charges, Val bounces Dupree out with a backbodydrop. Dupree back on the apron at seven Val gets up blocks Dupree's punches, unloads some of his own and brings Dupree back in with a snapmare. Dupree wants mercy, Val ducks a swing attempt and nails a half nelson slam. Two count only and Val is in disbelief. Val throws Dupree into the top of the ringpost. Val with a boot to the gut attempts a fisherman suplex, Dupree blocks by hooking the rope and forearms Val in the gut. Dupree with a neckbreaker. French Tickler time. Dupree tries to hook the Cobra Clutch, Val elbows Dupree in the head. Reverse double leg takedown by Val, Val hooks in a modified STF/leg grapevine but Dupree gets to and hooks the bottom rope. Val boots the gut, executes a suplex. Val goes up top. Money Shot misses as Dupree moves. Dupree hooks the Cobra Clutch second time round and Val taps. This should have happened in their first bout. Nevertheless Here is Your Winner Via Submission: RENE DUPREE.

Later: The Hulk Hogan/Shawn Michaels incident is recapped.

WWE Slam of the Week: Raw two weeks ago. John Cena calls Chris Jericho Y2Cheap. Cue a brawl.

Raw last Monday. Chris Jericho faces John Cena for WWE title at SummerSlam. Cena wanted it on Raw. Jericho says he'll wait. Cena takes it out on Bischoff with an FU.
SummerSlam Match graphic is shown and hyped. Coach sends it back to Maria backstage again with another special guest. Cool I love all these extras on Heat and Velocity as it makes it look more like a proper show. Maria is with Robert Conway who's been repackaged. Coach calls him an up and coming superstar. La Resistance are reborn. Now all we need is Sylvain to do something on SmackDown! Here's Maria.

Maria: I'm here with Robert Conway and tonight on Heat you have a ma....
Conway: Whoa, Whoa Maria. I know what you're thinking and you're right I am this good looking. ( Sporting black hat and dark black shades) But Robert there never was a Robert. I have always been Rob Conway the Con-Man and the facts are for the last two years I've convinced everyone that I cared about France and Quebec when the truth is I only cared about one thing and that's me. Ha ha. So there'll be no more hiding behind flags, from now on I'm going to be standing tall and I'm going to start doing things my way (takes his shades off) The Con-Way.

Don't Try This At Home.


Rob Conway vs Mo Sexton
New groovy music with a heavy guitar/drum influence and leopard skin tights for Conway. Conway still has his sidies and goatee. Hometown pop for Sexton. The Con-man takes his hat off but starts with his shades still on. Knee to the gut of Sexton. Side headlock by Conway. Sexton elbows the chest and sends Conway off the ropes as Grisham asks what dumb person wears sunglasses indoors. Coach reminds him he does and threatens to throws Grisham out. Back to the match and Conway sent off the ropes takes down Sexton with a shoulder tackle. Conway winds up the arm and delivers a short arm clothesline. Conway takes off his shades and passes them to the referee who gives them to an outside official. Conway stomps Sexton. Sexton off the ropes into a Conway backelbow. Conway keeps his elbow flexed to pose to the crowd. Conway drops an elbow poses, picks up Sexton and drives him to the corner. Conway Irish whips Sexton back to the same corner but charges into a boot. Sexton charges into a powerslam. Conway stomps and applies a chinlock. Sexton gets up, backelbows free, Conway throws him down by the hair motioning to the crowd he's using his head. Conway picks up Sexton and slaps him into the ropes. Conway chokes Sexton in the ropes then clubs the back of Sexton's head. Sexton off the ropes ducks Conway, Sexton comes back, Conway goes to grab but Sexton with a dropkick to the chest sends Conway away. Sexton nails another dropkick. Sexton off the second rope and Conway catches him with a forearm square in the face. Conway says that's it, picks up Sexton and executes a one man au revoir which Coach now calls the Ego Trip. Conway covers 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: ROB CONWAY. Coach predicts a lot of rides on the Ego Trip.

Up next Shawn Michaels explains himself on Piper's Pit.

Batista vs JBl promo for Great American Bash.

Raw Two Weeks ago Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan defeat Carlito and Kurt Angle. Michaels nails Hogan with Sweet Chin Music post match. Fast Forward to Raw last Monday. HBK challenges Hogan to a match at SummerSlam. Piper presses for why HBK turned on Hogan. Piper says the fans made HBK who he is and says how HBK used to come to him for advice. Piper advised HBK because he was worth it. Piper is ashamed of HBK now. HBK says he respects Piper but says he's answered and walks off. Piper calls HBK a punk and a coward and Michaels delivers Sweet Chin Music. Great segment as both worked the mic really well. Shawn's psychology and body language was awesome. Piper is out as HBK stands over him in silence before walking off. Hogan responds to HBK tomorrow night on Raw.


The Heart Throbs & Tyson Tomko vs The Superheroes w/Super Diva Stacy Keibler & Viscera
The heels enter to the Throbs music and Tomko shakes his head at the Throbs shenanigans including Antonio reeling in Romeo. We see from Raw two weeks ago Viscera get a DQ win over the Throbs after they ram his groin into the ringpost. Storyline advancement on Heat. Cool. The Throbs wiggle for Lilian as Tomko again looks on in disbelief. Enter the Superheroes (Rosey debuting a new white and green suit) and Stacy. The highlight of my day LOL. Stacy that is. Viscera waddles out shortly still to the Hero music and Lilian announces him obviously still upset at how thier relationship ended. Viscera still in the pimp pyjama and gold bling wear. Leggy entrance by Stacy gets a big crowd pop. Lilian looks on at Vis. Rock, Paper Scissors by the Throbs and Antonio wins to start off with Hurricane. Lockup, Antonio into a go-behind, Hurricane reverses and into a full nelson. Antonio counters into a hammerlock no Hurricane grabs the arm takes down Antonio, locks in a headscissors and Antonio nips out and up. Hurricane with a side headlock, Antonio forearms free and clubs Hurricane's back. Hurricane off the ropes steps over Antonio, Hurricane rolls under a leapfrogging Antonio. Antonio runs the ropes and into a Hurri-clothesline. Hurricane grabs the arm and tags in Rosey. Double whip off the ropes, Hurricane with a drop toehold, Rosey with a falling headbutt to the side of Antonio. Rosey forearms Antonio, Antonio off the ropes, Antonio boots Rosey's head and tags in Tomko. Tomko and Rosey exchange punches. Rosey with an Irish whip, Tomko dodges a charge, Tomko jawjacks with Stacy as Rosey elbows an advancing Antonio off the apron. Rosey boots down a charging Tomko. Tomko rolls outside as Rosey attempts a legdrop from the second rope. Bad landing. Tomko clotheslines Rosey down, Tomko with mounted punches then takes him to his corner as Coach notes Tomko has an opportunity to show what he can do now that Christian has drafted to SmackDown! I'm amazed Tomko still has a job. Romeo tags in as Tomko punches at Rosey. Romeo elbows Rosey's head, Antonio tags in and he boots Rosey. Rosey punches back but Antonio knees the gut and tags in Romeo. Rosey gets dropped as Stacy looks on. Romeo dropkicks the head, two count. Romeo with a chinlock. Romeo goes and knocks Hurricane off the apron then tries Viscera. Mistake as Viscera headbutts Romeo, Rosey clotheslines Romeo and tags in Viscera as Romeo tags in Tomko. Viscera knocks down an onrushing Tomko. Viscera backelbows Tomko down. Viscera slaps Tomko's chest, Tomko off the ropes, Tomko ducks, Viscera catches a second time with a Black Hole slam. Viscera fires up as he catches Antonio and slams him down. Romeo gets the same treatment before Viscera slaps both Throbs asses and Ass- rapes them in the middle of the ring. Tomko clubs Viscera's back and punches him as the Throbs decide they've had enough and take off to the back. Tomko continues to punch Viscera then yells at the Throbs who shrug him off and grab their sore asses. Viscera slaps Tomko away, Hurricane nails a cross body off the top rope. Rosey splashes Tomko as Hurricane distracts the referee and Viscera hits a splash off the ropes. Whoomph there it is. 1-2-3. Here Are Your Winners: VISCERA, THE HURRICANE & ROSEY. The faces and Stacy celebrate with their arms raised and Viscera gyrates and Lilian looks on sadly as Viscera checks out Stacy's leggy exit from the ring. Hurricane points a finger at Vis who shrugs and all four pose on the ramp on their way to the back.

Grisham and Coach shill for Hogan/HBK and Raw before Grisham signs off and thanks us for watching. End of Show. Keep it here for the Shaun Selector poll results and new nominations list. Shaun.

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