WWE Velocity Report (08/20/05) Taped in Toronto, Ontario

WWE Velocity Report-20th August 2005
By Shaun Best-Rajah.Com Reporter
Commentators Steve Romero & Josh Mathews

Welcome aboard fellow Velociters. SummerSlam is hours away. Here and now it's Velocity so let's go straight to the ring. Josh is standing in the ring and welcomes William Regal as his guest. Regal gets a mixed reception. Josh introduces highlights from two weeks ago on SmackDown! when Regal deserted his partner Scotty 2 Hotty against the Mexicools which allowed them to pick up the easy win. Josh asks Regal why he did it? Regal dismisses it as a little thing saying Josh is making it out like he left his best friend alone. Regal says his dear old grandmother in between gulps of gin always told him to never trust a man with blonde hair and a black moustache. Regal has had to be tough his whole life and the last few yaers he's become soft. Well not anymore. After being embarrassed by the Mexicools Scotty couldn't keep up his end of bargain and had the audacity to ask Regal to act like a Worm. William Regal is going back to his old self (Cue cheers). A scoundrel, a rogue full of vile and venom and hate and if that miserable little tosspot Scotty thinks he can tarnish his reputation he's got another thing coming. Regal starts to talk again but Scotty interrupts. Regal beats him down and into the corner. Regal removes his singlet and Scotty knocks Regal down with a crescent kick. Scotty sets up for the W-O-R-M and the crowd reaction is mixed although they do chant for the Worm but Regal rolls out and a staredown ensues as Regal heads to the back.

Still to come Hardcore Holly vs Steven Richards.

Up next JBL vs Funaki in a No Holds Barred match from SmackDown!

SmackDown! UK Survivor Series Tour promo airs. WWE.Com for details.

JBL decimates Funaki before Batista fends him off with a chair and vows to kick his ass at SummerSlam.

Hulk Hogan vs Shawn Michaels "Legend vs Icon" promo for SummerSlam airs.


Vito w/Nunzio vs Chance Thompson
This match was announced as a Cruiserweight Title match involving Nunzio but Nunzio grabs a mic and tells Chance that to get a title shot he has to get past Big Vito first. Nunzio sets Vito loose and the bell goes. Vito misses a charge and hits the corner allowing Chance to connect with a series of punches then knock Vito down with a dropkick. Chance charges Vito who smacks him down with one punch. Vito pounds on Chance's back then stomps on his chest continuously. Vito repeatedly throws Chance's arm into the corner then throws him shoulder first into the ringpost. Vito clubs the back and nails a back suplex. Vito off the ropes drops an elbow and covers for two. Vito pounds on Chance's head then picks him up and slams him down. Vito connects with a Vader Bomb from the top rope and that's taken something out of Vito as Nunzio urges Vito to cover him. Vito poses, stomps Chance's shoulder and drops a fist across his arm followed by a boot. Vito throws Chance down by the arm then applies a cross armbar on the mat. Chance gets up punches out, knees Vito's gut and connects with a series of rights and lefts. Vito reverses Chance off the ropes, Chance boots Vito in the head, Chance charges but gets nailed with a boot to the face. Vito signals for the end, picks up Chance and hits an implant DDT for the 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: VITO. Post match Nunzio gets on the mic again, tells Vito he did a good job and asks if Chance is alright. No reply so Nunzio gets Vito to pick up Chance and Nunzio says Chance did a good job and to prove what a nice guy he is Nunzio will give him a Cruiserweight Title match next week. Nunzio has second thoughts and boots Chance in the gut and says why wait till next week. Nunzio hits a dropkick to the face aned covers 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner & Still Cruiserweight Champion: NUNZIO.

Up next Eddie Guerrero's speech from SmackDown!

Don't Try This At Home.

A recap is shown of Dominick being taken into Foster care. Eddie Guerrero climbs a ladder on SmackDown! and vows to win at SummerSlam for his "Son".

Raw UK Survivor Series Tour promo airs. WWE.Com for details.


Ken "Mr" Kennedy vs George Dynamite
Here comes the man formerly known as Ken "Mr" Anderson. His titantron shows Ken Kennedy so it looks as though this is the name they've settled on. I couldn't make out his opponent's name so I'll just call him George. I've heard it's George Dynamite but this isn't what he was announced as. Kennedy grabs the mic from Tony Chimel and re-does the ring introductions to his liking and even he calls his opponent as just George. Kennedy has a future in ring announcing if his wrestling career doesn't work out LOL. Kennedy boots George down, clubs the back reels him in for a knee to the gut twice then delivers slaps to the face as a let's go George chant starts. George tries to fight back but Kennedy knocks him into the ropes. George off the ropes gets hit with another knee to the gut. Kennedy covers for a nearfall, George gets a shot in, Kennedy knees the gut then drives him into the corner. Kennedy stomps George down in the corner then swats at his face a couple of times with his boot. Kennedy runs the ropes and nails a boot to the face as George is still down in the corner. Kennedy with a series of nearfalls knees George in the gut once more then traps him in an abdominal stretch. George elbows Kennedy's knee, Kennedy ducks a clothesline and clubs George in the back. Kennedy cinches in a bodyscissors, George with elbows to the face to get out. George lands some chops, Kennedy reverses off the ropes, George ducks a clothesline and comes back with a messy cross body but Kennedy slips behind and clubs George's back some more before lifting him up and executing a backbreaker. Kennedy keeps ahold of George lifts him onto his shoulders and delivers a rolling senton for the 1-2-3. I guess WWE have banned it from the top rope. Here is Your Winner: KEN KENNEDY. Post match Kennedy takes the mic again and announces himself "Mr Kennedy" the winner before repeating Kennedy.

Up next Chris Benoit vs Randy Orton from SmackDown!

John Cena vs Chris Jericho WWE Title promo airs for SummerSlam.

In a rematch from last year's SummerSlam Randy Orton defeats Chris Benoit with an RKO after Orlando Jordan ran out to cause a distraction to Benoit. Post match the Undertaker delivers a chokeslam to Randy Orton who looks on at the Deadman smiling. Steve and Josh run down the eight match SummerSlam card.

WWE Raw & SmackDown! live in the UK this November promo airs. WWE.Com for details.


Hardcore Holly vs Steven Richards
Rematch from last week. Holly is announced as the Alabama Slammer and Richards comes out in his pink tights so it does look as though the bWo has come to an end.
Richards gets in Holly's face claiming he's on his show. Richards shoves Holly resulting in Holly knocking Richards down. Richards backs his head out in the corner but Holly advances and gets a few shots in. As Holly is with the referee Richards ambushes with boots and a punch to the back before throwing Holly outside. Richards goes out and drives Holly into the apron. Back inside and Richards covers for one. Richards delivers a sidewalk slam for another one count. Richards stalks Holly, Holly with two chops, Richards replies with three bodyslams before mocking Holly. Richards stomps on Holly's back delivers another slam, two count. Richards traps Holly in a bearhug. Holly refuses to quit and punches his way free. Holly runs the ropes right into a Richards powerslam for another nearfall. Richards kicks the back then stands on it and waves to the fans. Richards chops Holly, Holly chops back but Richards knocks him down with a punch and lands repeated stomps to the chest. Richards chops Holly again, Holly punches back, Richards chops again, Holly chops back more, Richards pokes the eye of Holly kicks the back once more then sits on Holly's back in the ropes. Richards drives Holly into the corner and takes more shots at his back. Richards poses to boos. Richards punches Holly down, one count. Richards sets up for a punch but decides to chop again, Holly answers back with a series of chops to drop Richards then delivers a hiptoss. Holly using one arm knocks Richards down with one punch then hits a dropkick off the ropes. Holly crawls into a cover for two. Richards boots Holly, Holly cuts off an Irish whip attempt and tries to lift for the Alabama Slam but Holly can't lift Richards and drops down enabling Richards to slap Holly's back. Richards heads up top, Holly crotches him and he sets up again for the Alabama Slam. After a struggle and Richards' resistance fails Holly nails it and pins Richards 1-2-3. Holly is up 2-0 in the series. Match told a nice story of Richards singling out then working on a body part of Holly but not being able to finish the job as normal. Here is Your Winner: HARDCORE HOLLY.

Steve quickly shills for SummerSlam before signing off. End of Show. Keep it here for International Sunday Night Heat. Shaun.

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