WWE International Sunday Night Heat Report (08/21/05) Taped in Montreal, Quebec

WWE International Sunday Night Heat Report-21st August 2005
By Shaun Best-Rajah.Com Reporter
Commentators Todd Grisham & Jonathan Coachman

Welcome back one and all. International Heat kicks off with........................

Kerwin White vs Rosey
Kerwin is making his TV debut and he comes out on his golf cart. Someone has a sign in the front row with Kerwin's slogan of "If it ain't white it ain't right" but Kerwin doesn't acknowledge it. Rosey comes out minus Hurricane and Super Stacy. Kerwin puts his jumper on a hanger and hangs it in one of the corners as the bell goes. Lockup, Rosey backs Kerwin to the corner. Clean break. Kerwin tucks his polo shirt into his pants before he continues. Kerwin attempts a go-behind but Rosey muscles free with ease and sends Kerwin through the ropes outside. Rosey steps out, forearms Kerwin and puts him back in. Kerwin kicks Rosey off the apron and attempts a plancha but Rosey catches. Rosey goes to drive Kerwin into the ringpost but Kerwin slips down and pushes Rosey into the steel. Kerwin rolls back in at a two count then counts with the referee and ushers him to count faster as Rosey begins to stir. Rosey gets back in at six and Kerwin puts the boots to him. Kerwin with kicks to the back, covers, Rosey throws him off at two. Kerwin takes his jumper off the hanger and is looking to use the hanger. The referee spots this and takes the hanger off him and as he gives it to the ring announcer Kerwin takes off his shirt and chokes Rosey with it. The referee turns back round to see Kerwin folding his shirt so he takes that off him too. Rosey punches back at Kerwin, Kerwin off the ropes boots Rosey. Kerwin runs the ropes again and runs right into a Rosey sidewalk slam. Rosey hammers Kerwin with punches, Kerwin sent off the ropes into a backbodydrop. Kerwin whipped off the ropes, ducks Rosey, Kerwin now attempts a cross body but Rosey catches him and slams him down to the mat. 1-2-no Kerwin drapes a foot across the bottom rope. Kerwin with some punches lands a dropkick to Rosey's knee. Kerwin runs the ropes and attempts a sunset flip but Rosey counters into a sitting kneedrop 1-2-kickout. Rosey brings Kerwin up, Irish whip, Rosey fires up. Rosey charges into a boot to the face. Rosey shakes it off and charges again hitting Kerwin with a clothesline in the corner. Rosey sets up for another charge but Kerwin gets up and dodges and Rosey crashes face first in the corner. Kerwin takes advantage with a schoolboy and reaches back and holds the middle rope for leverage. 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: KERWIN WHITE. Post match Kerwin grabs his jumper takes a golf club and practices his swing on the entrance ramp.

Still to come Viscera vs Snitsky.

Up next the Eugene Gold Medal invitational from Raw.

Raw comes to Hallam FM Arena, Sheffield November 21st, 7.30pm. WWE.Com for details.

Eugene vs Rene Dupree from Raw never got started as Kurt Angle ran in threw out Dupree and beat down Eugene vowing to make him suffer at SummerSlam. Evil Kurt is back.


SummerSlam Divas promo airs.

Shelton Benjamin vs Chance Thompson
Shelton slaps on a headlock to begin then goes into a side headlock takedown. Chance counters with a headscissors but Shelton kips up and hits an armdrag into an armbar. Chance backs Shelton to the corner and drives his shoulder into Shelton's gut. Chance nails a couple of punches and drops Shelton's arm across the top rope then yanks it across the rope. Chance punches and works an armwringer. Shelton with a springboard off the top rope counters into an armdrag takedown. Shelton with an armbar cranks up the pressure to thwart a Chance punch attempt. Shelton with an armwringer that backs Chance to the corner. Shelton breaks, Chance rakes the face, Shelton punches but Chance punches Shelton into the corner and delivers boots to the midsection. Chance with a forearm sends Shelton reeling. Chance chokes Shelton's head against the top rope and breaks just before the five count. Chance clubs the back briefly chokes and mounts Shelton in the corner but Shelton shoves him off. Chance advances into a Shelton boot. Shelton with a series of punches, Chance rakes the face again. Chance drives an elbow into Shelton's neck, delivers a snapmare and applies a cross armbar on the mat. The crowd get behind Shelton who rises up and judo throws Chance down. Chance charges into a backbodydrop then Shelton hits him with a kick, punch, chop combination culminating in a Shelton clothesline. Shelton slams Chance down, Chance sits up, Shelton runs the ropes and nails a clothesline. Shelton covers for a nearfall, Shelton pulls up Chance and whips him into the ropes. Chance holds on, Shelton charges, Chance backdrops Shelton who lands on the apron. Shelton dodges Chance who sticks his head out, Shelton knees him in the head, climbs up top and hits Chance with a top rope clothesline. Shelton gets pumped up as are the crowd. Chance recovers in the corner and Shelton charges in and hits a Stinger splash. Chance groggily walks into Shelton who polishes him off with a T-Bone suplex. 1-2-3. Shelton's looking good. Shame he's not on the SummerSlam card. Here is Your Winner: SHELTON BENJAMIN.

Still to come Viscera vs Snitsky.

Up next John Cena vs Chris Jericho & Carlito from Raw.

WWE Rewind: Raw two weeks ago John Cena saves Referee Chad Patton from Jericho, Carlito and Eric Bischoff.

John Cena defeats Chris Jericho & Carlito on Raw via an FU on Carlito. Post match Jericho knocks Cena out with a sick chairshot.

Hulk Hogan vs Shawn Michaels "Legend vs Icon" promo for SummerSlam airs.


Super Stacy vs Victoria
WWE.Com is offering this match by the way if anyone wants to see it? Stacy comes out first followed by Victoria. Victoria taunts Stacy from the apron, Stacy kicks her off then goes out and throws her into the apron. Stacy puts Victoria in then drives her head into Victoria's gut from the apron steps in and throws her down. Stacy with an Irish whip follows up with a long leggy stretch/choke with her leg. Victoria is whipped off the ropes but Stacy puts her head down allowing Victoria to club her down. Victoria pushes Stacy back down with her foot then stands on her hair and stretches her out by the arms. Victoria rams Stacy's head into the corner before throwing her to the mat by the hair. Victoria turns Stacy around and yanks her up on her back by the hair. Victoria locks Stacy's hands behind her head and pulls back. Stacy gets to her feet staggers back to the ropes takes down Victoria and reverses the hold. Victoria gets to her feet twists round to face Stacy and boots her. Victoria goes for an axehandle but Stacy boots back. Victoria cuts off a whip to the ropes and shoves Stacy down. Victoria picks Stacy up and delivers the Widow's Peak. 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: VICTORIA.

Still to come Viscera vs Snitsky.

Up next Hulk Hogan vs Kurt Angle from Raw.

SmackDown! comes to Hallam FM Arena, Sheffield November 22nd, 7.30pm. WWE.Com for details.

Shawn Michaels interrupts Hulk Hogan vs Kurt Angle and traps Hogan in the Sharpshooter after teasing Sweet Chin Music. Love him or hate him Shawn Michaels was awesome on Raw. Grisham and Coach run down the eight match SummerSlam card. Looks a good card. I'm looking forward to it.

Don't Try This At Home.


Snitsky vs Viscera
Main Event time. Viscera gets a good pop from the crowd. Brief staredown. Snitsky shoves Viscera. Both lockup and Viscera shoves Snitsky away. Snitsky charges into a lockup and knees Viscera. Snitsky lands a couple of punches and a boot, Viscera reverses an Irish whip and charges in and hits a splash. Viscera with a slam and Snitsky backs up to the corner. Viscera taunts Snitsky with some curious innuendo. Is he a big gay love machine? Lockup, Snitsky with a side headlock, Viscera sends off the ropes and Snitsky can't budge Viscera after two shoulder tackles so Snitsky boots and attempts a suplex. Viscera reverses then hits a fist into Snitsky's chest. Snitsky whipped off the ropes ducks Viscera but Viscera catches second time round in a swinging side slam and Snitsky rolls out onto the apron. Viscera advances but Snitsky brings his arm down across the top rope gets back in and pounds away on it before twisting it in the top rope then tying it up behind his back. Snitsky with an armwringer brings his weight down onto Viscera's arm and plays to the crowd to boos. Snitsky nails a flying shoulder tackle off the second rope for a nearfall. Snitsky applies a cross armbar on the mat, Viscera gets up, Snitsky clubs the back, punches, runs the ropes and Viscera hits a rolling heel kick. Viscera clotheslines Snitsky down, chops him down, Viscera gets Snitsky on his shoulders and delivers a samoan drop. Viscera gyrates smacks Snitsky's ass and Viscerapes him and the crowd pop for it. Viscera gyrates some more and sets up for the embalmer. Viscera hoists Snitsky up but his shoulder gives out, Snitsky steps down, comes off the ropes and connects with a big boot. 1-2-no. Snitsky calls for the end. Viscera gets up, Snitsky attempts a slam but Viscera falls on top of him, hooks the leg 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: VISCERA.

Grisham quickly signs off and thanks us for watching. End of show. I'll be back later on with the Shaun Selector then again tomorrow morning with a recap of the Pre-SummerSlam edition of Heat. My SummerSlam predictions are: SHAWN MICHAELS, MATT HARDY, CHRIS BENOIT, JOHN CENA, RANDY ORTON, BATISTA, REY MYSTERIO, KURT ANGLE. Wherever you are enjoy SummerSlam and I'll catch you later. Shaun.

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