Rajah.com - Comment Policy

Welcome to rajah.com!  We want to make our site as interactive as possible and allow everyone to engage in a productive and enjoyable discussion about wrestling.   Each headline has a Disqus comment section below it where visitors are able to log in and post their thoughts.  Some ground rules:

  1. The majority of comments will appear live on the site immediately.  However, if you don't see your comment, it is likely that something in it has triggered a manual review.   Some reasons for a manual review: posting a link to another site or using words that are flagged as inappropriate.   Your comment may still be posted after it passes the review or it could be deleted outright. 
  2. We do not tolerate racism, homophobia, misogyny, bigotry or discrimination of any kind against anyone.  In short - don't be a jerk.  
  3. Do not post anyone's personal information.  Even if you have their permission, don't post it. 
  4. Do not spam. Pretty self explanatory.
  5. Do not post any material that would be deemed unsuitable for children, including pornography.  
  6. Do not troll or pick fights.   A good old-fashioned argument is always fun, but if you are around to try and incite people and start constant arguments or otherwise are just disruptive, you will probably end up being banned.

Any other questions, please contact me directly HERE.