Backstage Details on WWE's Plans for Horsewomen Match at Survivor Series

-- WWE is still planning for the Horsewomen vs. Horsewomen match at Survivor Series on 11/18 in Los Angeles, reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. This has long been a plan for WWE dating back to 2017 but they just never went through with it. It's still unknown if it will happen this year because two of the MMA Horsewomen are very inexperienced in wrestling as Marina Shafir only has two matches and Jessamyn Duke hasn't done anything except practice matches.

-- The ultimate feeling though is that Ronda Rousey is great on the big stage when her matches laid out, Shayna Baszler is "clearly ready", Shafir has had a very successful debut and Duke is generating rave reviews on her potential, and some say she will end up the best wrestler out of the four.

-- It's possible that this match could be moved up to the Evolution PPV, but most believe it will take place at Survivor Series and that Ronda Rousey will headline Evolution in a singles match, likely as the new WWE Raw Women's champion.