Official WWE Velocity, Confidential & Heat Previews, Confirmed Matches

Velocity Preview
The final WWE event before No Way Out is Velocity. Don't miss it as the Superstars gear up for this pay-per-view event less than 24 hours before it all goes down in San Francisco, California!
On Velocity, high-flying excitement will be the order of the evening as Billy Kidman & Paul London meet Nunzio & Johnny Stamboli from the FBI. The third member of the FBI will also be in action when Chuck Palumbo faces Orlando Jordan.

Also on Velocity, in a match that should provide some excitement, Ultimo Dragon and Shannon Moore will meet in a battle of Cruiserweights.

Billy Gunn will also meet A-Train on Velocity.

Velocity will also take a look back at the exciting events of SmackDown! when Brock Lesnar and Eddie Guerrero had a face to face confrontation of such intensity that if it is a sign of things to come, expect nothing but a class match at No Way Out. Also, see what happened later on when Guerrero & Kurt Angle faced Brock Lesnar & Big Show in a tag team match.

All of this and more on Velocity at 10/9 CT on Spike TV!

- Billy Kidman & Paul London vs. Nunzio & Johnny Stamboli.
- Orlando Jordan vs. Chuck Palumbo.
- Ultimo Dragon vs. Shannon Moore.
- Billy Gunn vs. A-Train.

Confidential Preview
On Valentine's Day, the theme of love will be in the air on Confidential.
Who sitrs amorous emotions more than the Divas of World Wrestling Entertainment? On Confidential, see the two hottest Divas -- Torrie Wilson and Sable -- as we take you behind the scenes of their photoshoot for the March issue of Playboy Magazine that will be available on February 13! See all of the sultry photos (appropriate for television) that will make your Valentine's Day sizzle! Also, Confidential joined the lovely ladies for various media and autograph appearances for their Playboy spread.

Speaking of Valentine's Day, Confidential will have a special segment devoted to the different WWE Superstars and Divas and their dueling perspectives on Valentine's Day. Don't miss what should be some very interesting takes on what Feb. 14 means to your favorite WWE Superstars.

Cofidential also joined the RAW Superstars during their recent trip to Japan and went with Chris Jericho as he captured the sites and sounds of Japan. Go with Y2J to the Hiroshima peace memorial park, a visit to the John Lennon museum and among other stops found time to teach origami.

All of this, and a Classic Match between the Legion of Doom and the Nasty Boyz from SummerSlam 1991 on Confidential this week at 11/10 CT on Spike TV!

Heat Preview
HEAT comes at you this week live from the historic Cow Palace in San Francisco, California -- the site of No Way Out. Don't miss all of the action during the final minutes before this pay-per-event.

Will there be any last-minute developments heading into No Way Out or even new matches? How are the various SmackDown! Superstars feeling as they head into the final pay-per-view event before WrestleMania XX? Only one way to find out -- watch HEAT at 7/6 CT on Spike TV!

- In the U.S. and Canada a No Way Out pre-show will air.
- Internationally, Heat will feature Jazz vs. Lita, Test vs. Steven Richards, Val Venis vs. Rico and La Resistance vs. The Dudleys.

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