WWE House Show Results (2/7/04) - Regina, Saskatchewan

Report by: Chris Sweeney, rajahwwf.com reader

Billy Kidman vs Chuck Polumbo
Fairly good match for the size mismatch. Kidman tried to outwrestle Poloumbo
but he just picked up Kidman and threw him against the turnbuckle and Kidman
spilled to the outside. Kidman wins with a rollup.

Ultimo Dragon vs Shannon Moore
Very solid match. Crowd was split in half and cheered for both wrestlers.
Lots of great highspots and reversals.Ultimo hit some stiff kicks on Moore
and won with his standing sliced bread #2 manuver.

Tajiri, Akio and Sakado vs Orlando Jordan, The Cat and his little buddy with
the afro
Despite Tajiri Akio and Sakada's efforts the match was ruined by Orlando's
inexperiece and the Cat's inability to wrestle. Akio and Sakado hit a great
double team move on Orlando where Akio was on the apron and Sakado was in
the ring and hit a double ensiguri. Orlanda pins Tajiri with a powerslam.

Rhyno and Matt Morgan vs World's Greatest Tag Team
To sum up the match, Matt Morgan sucks.At the start WGTT make fun of Marr
Morgan and get the crowd to clap and stomp to the beat of We Will Rock You
while Charlie Hass sang a song about kciking Morgan's ass all over the
place. Matt Morgan spent most of the match in the ring putting Hass in rest
holds while the crowd chanted boring. Steve Austin telling fans to chant
boring at great technical wrestling is one thing, but watching Matt Morgan
put someone in a reverse chinlock for 5 minutes is boring.Rhyno for some
reason tires to start a USA chant. Finally Hass hot tags Shelton in and he
beats down Rhyno and Morgan and superkicks Morgan out of the ring to the
corwd's delight. WGTT set up Rhyno for their leaprfrog back breaker manuver
on the ropes but Morgan breaks it up. Shelton superkikcs Morgan out of the
ring again and turns around and Rhyno is coming at him for the gore but
Shelton moves and Hass hits him with an inverted atomic drop and sets Rhyno
up for Superkick/Pinning Combination for the 1 2 3. After trying to play
heels Matt Morgan comes in and helps Rhyno up and checks to see if hes ok
then raises Rhyno's arm hoping for a good crowd response. They get booed put
of the ring.

Kurt Angle vs Hardcore Holly
What the? For the last 3 weeks evertime they've been hyping Angle vs Eddie
vs Lesnar for the main event but I guess thats why it says card subject to
change. Angle is so over and everyone is booing Holly right off the
bat.Every move Angle hits gets the crowd going more and whenever Holly
starts getting an advantage the arena was filled with boos. Angle hits the
Angle Slam for the win.


Crusierweight Championship Match
Rey Mysterio vs Jamie Noble vs Chavo Guerrero
Great Match, Rey's WWE style is nowhere as great as his WCW but he puts just
as much effort in every house show as he does on TV and it was amazing to
see live. Lots of reversals and chain wrestling. Everyone tries their
finishers but they get reversed and in the end both Jamie Noble and Chavo
are in position for the 619. Rey goes for a double 619 but Chavo moves and
Jamie takes it. Rey knocks Chavo to the outside Rey goes to the apron and
hits him with the springboard move where he lands on their shoulders and
chest and pins Noble to retain his title.

Tag Team Title Match
Rikishi and Scotty Too Hotty vs The Bashams
Air Canada lost Rikishi's gear and tag title so he comes out in his street
clothes with no title. I went to go get food during this match. Rikishi gets
the win with a devastating samoan drop and just crushes one of the Bashams.
Shaniqua comes in to attack Rikishi but he slams her down and Scotty hits
the Worm.

U.S. Championsip Match
Big Show vs Bradshaw.
Wow. Big Show is HUGE! They tie up, Big Show throws Bradshaw down and does
the Hogan flex. Bradshaw gets his spinach by drinking a couple beers from
people in the crowd then comes in and ties up with Big Show and throws him
halfway across the ring and does the Hulk Flex. Big Show picks up the win
with a huge Chokeslam. Big Show goes back to the lockeroom and Bradhsaw is
still donw and out. A ref gets a beer from the corwd and brings it in the
ring. Bradshaw get the smell of it and wakes up and downs a beer while the
crowd chanted "Chug!"

World Heavyweight Championship Match.
Crowd is on their feet cheering for Lesnar. Crowd stays on their feet and
cheers just as loud for Eddie. Lesnar stalls for a long time building up
heat for the match. Sadly Eddie's heat is killed as the crowd sadly chants
for Goldberg while Lesnar is yelling at the crowd Eddie just stands there
having no part of it. The match gets started and is built up very slowly and
picks up as it goes. At about 20 minutes in they start going for finshers.
Eddie hits the triple vertical suplexes then goes for the Frog Splash but
misses. Lesnar picks up Eddie for the F-5 but it is reversed into a ddt.
Eddie hits the frog splash but Lesnar kicks out at 2 3/4. Lesnar gets up and
goes for the clothesline but Eddie ducks and the ref takes it. Lesnar goes
for his title and hits Eddie in the head for the 1 2 3. The crowd was a mix
of boos and cheers. Lesnar leaves and Eddie is left in the ring. The corwd
starts chanting Eddie and appluading his efforts and he poses for pictures
then leaves. Great match, about 25 minutes long.

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Report by: Richard Winters, rajahwwf.com reader


I waited in line for over 45 min to have to wait get an autograph.. that was
scheduled to take place at 5-6... According to the local radio station there were
held up in Customs that postponed the event till 6:00.. I questioned Bradshaw when
Faarooq would be coming back and he said hell be back on TV this week..Dawn Marie
never had much to say..other than its been a long day..

Start: 8:04
End: 10:48

1st Match- Chuck Palumbo vs. Billy Kidman
Winner Via Pinfall-Billy Kidman
Match went over fairly well..slow paced..Not many great moves..had the crowd quite
for majority of the match

2nd. Dawn Marie came out and said that John Cena got suspended..Crowd didn't really
like that idea..

3rd- Shannon Moore vs. Ultimo Dragon
Winner Via Pinfall- Ultimo Dragon
Match was fast paced with lots of high flying moves..Crowd was rooting for Dragon..

4th- Tajiri, Sakdoa & Akiao vs. The Cat, Raoul? (cats announcer buddy)& Orlando Jordan
Winner Via Pinfall- The Cat,Raoul & Orlando Jordan
Fairly decent match... some hard hits... Orlando Jordan got the pin.. After the
match did some dancing with the cat..

5th- Rhyno & Matt Morgan vs. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team
Winner Via Pinfall - WGTT
Match was fair Rhyno didn't do the gore... At the end everyone wanted him to gore
Matt since he was outside the ring most of the time.. flipped the crowd off and
left...Looked like Rhyno hurt something limped pretty bad and stopped the match

6th- Hardcore Holly vs. Kurt Angle
Winner Via Pinfall-Kurt Angle
Was one of the best matches.. Lots of close falls,Kurt flipped off Hardcore Holly
didn't really like it, crowd rooted all for angle..

7th-Jamie Noble (w/out Nyda),Chavo Guerreo & Rey Mysterio 4 the cruiserweight belt
Winner Via Pinfall- Rey Mysterio
Really fast paced,lots of Eddie Chants, see a double 619..Lots of crowd participation

8th-Bashams w/shaniqua vs. Rikishi & Scottie 2 Hottie 4 the belt
Winner via pinfall...Rikishi and Scottie
Rikishi wrestled in street clothes.. lost his luggage.. Scottie messed with Shaniqua
for the first 10min of the match...Lots of Scottie chants...Shaniqua got the worm at
the end

9th-Bigshow vs. Bradshaw 4 the US Belt
Winner Via Pinfall- Bigshow
Lots of hoots for Bigshow.. Kept telling the crowd FU for cheering for him building
his Heel character up more...good match overall..Bigshow did some flex poses to
Bradshaw showing he was tuff.. Bradshaw left and got a 2 beer and drank them down
and did the Hulkster flex...At the end Bradshaw was out...ref brought out a beer and
brought Bradshaw back

10th-Brock Lesnar vs. Eddie Guerreo 4 WWE Title
Winner via pinfall-Brock Leasner
Not a bad match one of the real matches.. First 20min was lots of taunts to Leasner
from Goldberg,You tapped out, Your ugly, Your next, Eddie...Eddie had enough time to
stretch out in the ring... Match had lots of submissions by Brock..won the match by
hitting Eddie with the belt..

1.Big Show
2.Kurt Angle
3.Brock Lesnar
4.Eddie Guerrero
5.Rey Mysterio

1.Chavo Guerrero
4.Tajiri & company
5.Shannon Moore