Why RAW Blacked Out During Edge/Lita Segment

Thanks to reader Will Shows for sending in the following:
Tonight after RAW went off I re-watched the Edge/Lita segment on TIVO. I was just curious exactly went on under those covers and luckily I had TIVO, because clearly before the screen goes black you can see Lita's nipples from the side and from a top camera view. I am assuming this is why my television went blank for a few seconds before returning with both Lita and Edge under the covers. Maybe it didn't go black in all markets, but that's what happened here. Anyways, I took some screenshots with my TIVO tonight so that you can see for yourself.

I thought at first WWE would surely take every precaution not to have any "nip slips" on RAW tonight and typically you find the Diva's wear black tape over their nipples, but it's clear as day that Lita did not have any black tape on during the segment before they went black. I just thought this was interesting and I don't know if anyone else caught it because it was really quick.

*It appears now that WWE went to a black screen, because I had the same problem when they freaked out after Lita's nip slip. It could have been technical difficulties, but after reading a few e-mails that looks to be what happened.

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