WWE Live Event Results (11/26/16) - Kansas City, MO

Thanks to rajah.com reader Makibe for sending this in!

Sprint Center, Kansas City, MO

Probably 2,000 in the building.

Show opened with an Intercontinental Championship matchup between Dolph Ziggler and The Miz. Miz and Maryse came out - Miz got on the mic and told the crowd that it wouldn't be for the title, because his entertainment lawyer (who was in the second row) got his contract worded to specify that he didn't have to defend the title in crappy towns like Kansas City.

Match: Dolph over Mix w/superkick in a non-title match following Maryse getting ejected from ringside by official.

Then, a 5v5 tag-team matchup, with American Alpha / Apollo Crews / Hype Bros vs. the Ascension / Vaudevillians / Curt Hawkins

XPac heat for the heel team - especially Hawkins. Standard spotfest with a couple of house-show highlights:

Viktor got hearty boos when he mocked the Woo, Woo, Woo in the corner, and later scored a nice pop-up super kick against Gable.

Mojo channeled Enzo dancing for most of his time.

End came when Jordan got the hot tag and cleaned house, and the Hype Bros nailed the Hype Rider for two, followed by Alpha's Grand Amplitude on Konnor for the win.

Mojo celebrated by trying to slap the butts of his four teammates after the match (to no avail).

9-man ring clear ended with Apollo in the middle at the end.

Vaudevillians and Alphas could work well if Vaudevillians had any heat. Good workers.

Next - huge hometown pop for Baron Corbin against Jack Swagger. Roles reversed - the heel is the face. We the People still works, but not much else for Swagger, who wore full-body Under Armour under his singlet. Cold or flabby?

Swagger over the ropes onto the stairs, then into the railing. Swagger fired up late for a 10-punch in the corner, but a typical squash match. Corbin end of days outta nowhere for the easy win.

Following match, Corbin grabbed the mic to cheers, and heeled out, telling KC that he didn't drive 30 minutes from his mom's house for a warmup match. Told the crowd his little brother was becoming soft just living here and that, seeing how he's the best thing to come out of this city, He demanded another opponent.

Kalisto out for the challenge. what you've seen on TV, with Kalisto reversing a Corbin powerbomb attempt into a cradle pin for the win in short order.

Next, huge pop and fireflies for Bray w/Luke Harper. Kane follows (w/o pyro, since it's a house show) to medium cheers.

Mid-match, house style -- Bray with a series of kicks then to the corner for cheers, then a DX-crotch chop. (Hard to stay heel, especially when you get a huge pop for literally walking around.)

After Kane Hulked up, Bray "quit" after avoiding a choke slam, only for Kane to track him down at the curtain wall and drag him back to the ring. Threw Bray in the ring, but walked right into a superkick from Harper.

Kane fires up after a crab walk by Bray - but racked when he tries to go to the top.

After failed interference from Harper, Kane reversed Sister Abigail into the choke slam from hell for the win.


Tag-team championship time - Breezango to the ring first in full Fashion Police gear to little fanfare. Rhyno and Slater next... nice pop for One Man Band especially. "EC-Dub" chant for Rhyno after hot tag.

Match ended when Breeze didn't notice Slater tag Rhyno in. Went to the corner to celebrate and swallowed a sick gore from Rhyno to end it. Goldberg-esque sell by Breeze.

Fatal Five-Way for the Women's championship. Nikki Bella out first to a great pop. Natalya, Carmella, then Alexis, none of whom got a big pop. Becky got the women's pop of the night. No one in KC cared about the heels in this one.

After clearing out the heels, Nikki and Becky to start. Carmella with the steps toss to take Becky out, and the "You Can't See Me" to Nikki for the Total Divas fans. Now the three heels can't work together, so they toss Carmella and go to work on Nikki. Becky still down near the steps.

After working her way back to the ring, takes out Natty and Alexa by herself. Tag broken up by Carmella. Now it's Nikki with a spear on Carmella, and an STF on Natty. Carmella breaks it up, and Becky gets the disarmer locked in until Natty comes in for the shooter on Becky in the middle of the ring. Broken up by Alexis with the DDT, then Nicki goes for the AA on Alexa but fails. Becky in to pick up the pieces, locks Alexa in the disarmer for the win. Nikki and Becky celebrate together, before Becky leaves alone.

Main event time: Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles in a Kansas City Street Fight for the WWE World Championship.

AJ out first, and his entrance was clipped / shortened. Think everyone expected Ambrose first. Lots of boos for AJ. Pop of the night for Dean Ambrose, who was announced second. AJ announced as "the Fury of Missouri" - although Kevin Dunn must be here because the camera guy showed AJ during Dean's intro.

Guest timekeeper announced - James Ellsworth. His pop only second to Dean Ambrose. Ellsworth cane out holding his neck while high-fiving fans gingerly.

Typical streetfight - both guys giving and selling well. AJ first under the ring for a kendo stick, Dean kicks it away and springboard legdrop to a standing Styles on the outside. Action moves outside, AJ thrown into the steel. Back in ring, Ambrose to the top for a double ax handle, but AJ grabs the kendo and goes to work.

Boos turning to cheers for AJ, attacking the left knee of Ambrose. Two-count for AJ, who argues with ref as Ambrose goes for the kendo. AJ with the finger stomp on Dean. Mid-ring, Dean fires back with a couple of stiff shots, only to get blasted by a rolling right hook from AJ.

Crowd firmly 50:50 now as they're back on the floor. AJ with a running fist - now Ellsworth and Daria away from their table while AJ and Dean battle around the ring.

AJ for his second running attack but Dean dodges it, and AJ hung up in the barrier. Dean back in control, drops AJ face-first into the steel. AJ reverses next attempt, sends Ambrose into the steps and gets back in the ring.

AJ with a knee to the back, stretching out the boos while Ellsworth comes to ringside to pump up Ambrose and the crowd. Dean to his feet, before getting yanked down by his hair. AJ to the outside, and bull-rushes Ellsworth to take him out.

Dean fires up, forearm, clothesline, and catches AJ's splash attempt into a backbreaker over Dean's knee.

Dean battles back, neckbreaker for two, and both men are down. Dean gets to the kendo first, and plasters AJ to the count of eight.

AJ back up, gets the ankle lock on Ambrose, who refuses to quit before making it to the ropes. (Why did he have to release in a streetfight?)

AJ back with the kendo now, back to the left knee again. Now outside for a steel chair, which he sets up in he corner between the top/middle ropes.

AH flipped to the outside ring apron, setting up the PF, but reversed, and Ambrose turns it around - sending AJ into the chair and a long two-count.

Monkey-flip pin for two, then a trademarked Ambrose rope-redux for another clothesline and two.

Both men down, and then back to the floor. AJ with a soda to the face of Ambrose, setting up for the PF and the win.

Following match, Ellsworth gets i front to save Ambrose. AJ pushes him away, and turns around into Dirty Deeds to send the crowd home happy after two and a half hours (including intermission.)

All in all, solid night of entertainment. No idea why Kane won, and who hates Bray in the front office. Biggest problem, all heels but Miz generated little to no real heat.

Biggest pops:

Biggest heat: