WWE Heat Report (05/21/06) Taped in Lubbock, Texas

WWE Heat Report-21st May 2006
By Shaun Best-Rajah.Com Reporter
Commentator: Todd Grisham

Welcome back. Heat has it all this week. The return of a "legend", Carlito in the house plus Charlie Haas representing in the main event. So let's get to it.

Rob Conway vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Pops for Duggan who enters with his flag and 2x4. Apparently Conway challenged Duggan to this match as Conway believes he's a main eventer. So he starts at the bottom and plucks Duggan from retirement? Duggan gets the USA and Ho chants going and Conway is riled by them even though he's also an American. Conway begins with a side headlock and a shoulder tackle which fails to budge Duggan. Conway runs into a hiptoss. Duggan with a clothesline prompts Conway to roll outside. Conway gets sidetracked by the crowd, Duggan pulls Conway onto the apron by the hair, Conway hangs Duggan up on the top rope. Conway gets in punches Duggan down and chokes him on the mat with his hands. Conway rams Duggan's head into the corner before forearming him down. Conway covers for a nearfall. Conway elbows Duggan down off the ropes before dropping a series of elbows and a flexed one for two nearfalls. Conway slaps on a rear naked choke, Duggan tries to elbow out, Conway yanks him down by the hair. Conway forearms Duggan down, Conway with mounted mat punches to the head goes back to the rear naked choke. Duggan manages to stay alive via the USA chants and tries to elbow out again. Conway clubs the back but Duggan cuts off a ram to the corner elbows Conway in the chest and it's Conway's head that meets the corner. Duggan punches Conway into the opposite corner then mounts for a successful ten punch attack. Duggan plays to the crowd too long allowing Conway to take him down with a clothesline. Conway mocks Duggan and misses with an elbowdrop from the second rope. Duggan gets up, measures Conway and hits the three point stance clothesline for the 1-2-3. Duggan looks in bad shape. Boring match but somehow the crowd were hot for Hacksaw and into him. I doubt this reaction will last on a weekly basis. Wrong person went over here as Conway who is tipped to be Harry Smith's first opponent on the house show circuit next weekend jobs again. Here is Your Winner: HACKSAW JIM DUGGAN. Post match Duggan celebrates with his 2x4.

Carlito vs Russell Simpson
Rare Heat appearance for Carlito. Carlito with a quick go-behind and shove leads to Simpson charging into a hiptoss. Carlito elbows Simpson in the face takes him to the corner and chops him into another corner. Carlito takes Simpson to another corner to punch with Carlito looking like he's having fun. Simpson reverses an Irish whip, Carlito floats over a charge and dropkicks Simpson. Simpson avoids a Carlito charge resulting in Carlito flying shoulderfirst into the ringpost then falling to the outside. By the way Simpson is sporting a big nasty bruise on his arm but I doubt it's from the early goings of this match. Carlito gets onto the apron favouring his arm, Simpson knees him off. Carlito rolls in Simpson stomps the shoulder before tying it up and stretching at it in the bottom rope as Grisham notes Carlito's shoulder has caused him problems before. Simpson stomps before tying Carlito's shoulder up in the top rope and stretching. Simpson with an armwringer and kick to the shoulder. Carlito punches the gut, Simpson knees the gut snapmares Carlito and stomps on the shoulder. Simpson cuts off another Carlito fight back with clubs to the back before stretching out the shoulder in the top rope again. Simpson rakes Carlito's back snapmares again and applies a nerve hold to the shoulder. Carlito gets up and with his one good arm fights back with elbows and punches. Simpson reverses off the ropes, Carlito ducks a clothesline before hitting a springboard backelbow from the second rope. Simpson off the ropes into a boot to the gut. Carlito off the ropes staggers Simpson with a high knee then floors him with a clothesline. Carlito is finally able to shake off the punishment Simpson dished out to his shoulder. Simpson reverses an Irish whip, Carlito springs to the top rope, backflips over a charging Simpson, ducks a lunge hooking Simpson from behind and delivers the backcracker for the 1-2-3. Pretty good matchup. Simpson got in some offense with some good work on Carlito's shoulder which Carlito sold well. Carlito's offense was crisp too. Worth a look. Here is Your Winner: CARLITO. No post match apple spit unfortunately.

Charlie Haas & Viscera vs Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
Main Event time. Haas runs out first with some new music and a new titantron. Viscera waddles out second followed by Cade and Murdoch together. Grisham notes this is the first time Cade and Murdoch have teamed in six months since losing their World Tag Team Titles and the subsequent rematch to Kane and Big Show. Looks like they're saving Cade & Murdoch vs SnitskyDust for a future Heat LOL. Joking aside though SnitskyDust were over quite well on Raw last Monday and had a good match I thought. I think Snitsky may have found his niche in WWE. Back to this match though and as Haas gets ready to start with Cade Murdoch clubs Haas from behind allowing Cade to get the advantage with a side headlock, shoulder tackle and slam. Cade misses an elbow, Haas takes advantage with an armdrag and armwringer. Haas drives his shoulder into Cade's a couple of times before driving Cade's shoulder into the corner. Haas with an armdrag takedown drives his knees into Cade's arm. Haas tries an armbar but Cade knees Haas, applies a side headlock and tags Murdoch. Haas backs Cade into the ropes, Cade allows a clean break and Haas steps back into the waiting Murdoch who holds Haas for a Cade boot. Murdoch slaps, punches and kicks the back then tags Cade back in. Haas off the ropes ducks under a double clothesline attempt and lands one of his own. Haas with a running kick to the back of Murdoch winds up Cade's arm drives an elbow into it and tags in Viscera. Haas sends Cade off the ropes into a drop toehold. Viscera follows up with a legdrop to the back of Cade's head. Viscera turns Cade over and covers 1-2-broken up by Murdoch. Haas enters to punch away Murdoch and ram his head into the corner. Viscera has Cade in the opposite corner and Cade and Murdoch get driven into one another for a meeting of the minds. Haas and Viscera clothesline Murdoch and Cade over the top rope as we break away for Commercials just as Haas and Viscera are on a roll. We're back and Cade has Haas trapped in a head vice as we see what went down during the commercial to turn the tide. (That being a Murdoch rolling neckbreaker from the second rope to Haas). Back to live action now Cade clubs Haas' back before taking him to the corner for a series of boots. Cade ties up the referee while Murdoch drops off the apron to choke Haas with his hands. Viscera distracts the referee some more in protest while Cade goes back to stomping on Haas. Murdoch tags in, Cade holds Haas for a Murdoch gut punch. Murdoch stomps and knees the back of Haas' head before backelbowing him down off the ropes. A Charlie chant starts as Murdoch gets Haas up by the hair. Haas elbows away at Murdoch's flabby gut, Murdoch reverses off the ropes, Haas tries a sunset flip but Murdoch staggers into a tag while trying to keep his balance. Haas gets Murdoch over but Cade delivers a forearm to Haas' back. Cade readies Haas for a suplex, Haas reverses, Cade tags out, Murdoch grabs a Haas leg but Haas finally manages to inch forwards enough to make the hot tag. Viscera clotheslines Murdoch down twice and forearms Cade down twice. Viscera slams both men. Murdoch staggers into a swinging side slam. Viscera Irish whips Cade then Murdoch into Cade. Viscera backs up, pumps it up but spends too long playing to the crowd as Cade and Murdoch avoid the charge and Viscera knocks a groggy Haas off the apron en route to hitting the corner front first. Cade clotheslines Viscera down as Murdoch sweeps his legs and Murdoch covers for the 1-2-3 in what you can say is a bit of an upset. Oh well at least Haas didn't take the fall. Pretty good main event. Here Are Your Winners: LANCE CADE & TREVOR MURDOCH. Heat is a thumbs up this week solely for the last two matches.

Grisham plays up the shock win before signing off and thanking us for watching to end the show. Enjoy Judgment Day tonight wherever you are. See the Velocity report for my predictions. I'll see you next weekend for Heat and the soon to be departed Velocity reports. Catch you later. Shaun.

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