ECW One Night Stand Changes, Chris Benoit Update, Stacy Keibler Getting Drunk

Adam Lebow sent in the following:

*Two notes from Smackdown which is airing right now in Canada. First off, the ECW Promo which has been airing for the last few weeks with the Paul Heyman voice over that was promoting RVD, Benoit and Funk has now been revoiced over and now has Benoit out of the promo and replaced by Sabu.

Additionally, WWE was running promo's for the upcoming Sumerslam party tour presented by Raw on July 8th @ London (Western), Ontario. Announced for the card was the WWE Champion John Cena taking on Edge (with Lita) and Kane against HHH.

Not sure if that is working into a spoiler or not, but that is what the advertisments showed...

*While she is still listed on as a RAW Superstar, Stacy Keibler is now much more than that. This was evident by this weekend, where the paparazzi was out in full force trying to snap as many photos of her as they could. This weekend they were able to succeed when several photos surfaced of Stacy at a club dancing with several unknown men and looking very intoxicated. Stacy was in town doing a spread for Las Vegas Magazine. To make matters worse, the publications that have obtained the photos are now speculating that Stacy could be pregnant because of a slight bulge that is seen in her stomach.

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