Official WWE SmackDown Preview For Next Week


Last week on SmackDown, King Booker and his associates demolished U.S. Champion Lashley. Finlay and William Regal even forced Lashley to kiss Booker’s feet. Will Lashley retaliate on next week’s show?

Mark Henry injured yet another Superstar last week when he took out Paul Burchill. Will the World’s Strongest Man look to add to his list next week?

Michele McCool promised everyone that SmackDown was going to “get a whole lot hotter” from now on. Will the new Diva elaborate on her claims?

Also, Big Vito came out to the ring wearing a dress. Will Nunzio and the fans get an explanation?

One thing we do know is that Mr. Kennedy will be making his long awaited return to SmackDown next week.

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