WWE Live Event Results (10/13/17) - Saskatoon, SK

Thanks to rajah.com reader mth for sending this in:

The RAW roster was in town last night, Oct. 13, 2017 and my wife and I
Results were as follows:

Cruiserweight Championship Match - Kalisto vs. Enzo Amore
Enzo did a good pre-match promo insulting the city and the crowd. Match was
decent enough. Enzo got good boos during the match and folks got into the
"Lucha Lucha!" chant for Kalisto's come backs. Kalisto won with Solida Del

Goldust & Darren Young vs. Curtis Axel & Curt Hawkins
Hawkins got on the mic before the match to introduce his partner since Bo
Dallas was not there. I forgot Young was even active so he was a bit of a
surprise. Goldust was the only one everyone really cared about in this and
he got good cheers/chants throughout. There was a hilarious part where DY
went on an inverted atomic drop spree on the heel team, hitting both of them
with a few, then turned and almost gave one to the ref before Goldie jumped
int o stop him, then they did them in stereo to the bad guys. Face team won
when Goldie hit the Director's Cut.

Elias vs. R-Truth
Elias did a prematch song/promo that was terrific, changing the lyrics of
Oasis' 'Wonderwall' to insult Truth and the city. Great line about how we
suck and he wants to punch us all in the face. Then he said we interrupted
so he had to sing that line a second time. Truth came out rapping his theme
and also tweaked the lyrics for the situation. Match was fine, Elias won
with Drift Away.

Tag Team Championship Match - Ambrose & Rollins vs. The Bar vs. Rhyno &
This was good stuff. Started off back and forth for awhile and picked up at
the end with a quick pace and flurry of big moves including a Brogue Kick,
Rollins' Knee, and Dirty Deeds. Champs retained.

Sasha Banks & Dana vs. Alexa Bliss & Alicia Fox (Special Referee: Emma)
I was hoping for Bayley and Jax as Banks and Bliss' parnters so Brooks and
Fox were a bit disappointing but I was not as disappointed as the little boy
I saw bawling after the show because Bayley wasn't there. Match was nothing
particularly memorable. Brooks did a handful of her cartwheel-type moves,
that's about all I really recall. Face team won when Banks got Fox in the
Banks Statement.

Intercontinental Championship Match - The Miz (w/ Axel) vs. Jason Jordan
It took a good several minutes for the match to actually start as Miz was
heeling it up like only he can. First he took a long time taking off his
jacket, getting on the mic to demand respect and silence, and did the Rick
Rude prematch promo word-for-word twice because we wouldn't quiet down enough
the first time. Then he turned to each side of the arena to gauge their boos
and then declared which side he disliked the most. Jordan snagged him with a
surprise roll-up while he was caught up in this. Match was solid, Miz won
with the Skull Crushing Finale after a distraction by Axel. Miz's heel work
is so damn good, it's great to be a part of it in person, dude got the crowd

Last Man Standing Match - Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns
Split crowd for both guys. There was a little girl a couple rows behind us
who we never really noticed for the whole show until she went absolutely
bananas screaming for Roman throughout this entire match. It was kind of
adorable. Steel steps came into play with Braun blasting Roman a few times
with them. Tables came into play. Roman brought one out early only for
Braun to put it back under the ring shortly after. It came back out later
and Braun tried to powerbomb Reigns through it. Reigns slipped out the back
and hit two Superman Punches and Samoan Dropped Braun through the table to
almost win. He also almost won with a spear at one point. Finish was Braun
looking to Powerslam Reigns through a table in the corner but Reigns slipped
out the back and speared him through it. Braun nearly got up at nine but not
quite and Reigns got the win. Reigns spent a lot of time post-match greeting
fans at ringside, signing autographs, taking selfies, and saluting/applauding
the crowd.

All in all, it was a really fun night and a good show. Really awesome to see
some of our favorites for the first time live. We went to a SmackDown live
event earlier this year so we were lucky to get them twice in the same year
(last time they came around was 2012). We felt like this was the better
show, it felt less rushed, there were more promos, and the match quality
seemed higher, but we had a great time at both.