Backstage Details on Brock Lesnar's Contract & His Future with WWE in 2018

  • In a bit of a clarification on a previous headline, Brock Lesnar's last dates on his current contract with WWE would be either WrestleMania 34 or the Raw the night after. However, WWE does have some rights over Lesnar until the first week of August in the event that a new deal is not signed, which is consistent with what UFC head Dana White recently stated on the record.

  • Furthermore, Lesnar's current WWE deal has an option clause built in that would renew his contract and at this time, most expect that both sides will want to renew the deal given Lesnar's age and popularity.

  • It was initially expected that Lesnar would have let his contract expire, opted not to renew and then go back to UFC to fight Jon Jones before returning to WWE. However, with the Jones fight unlikely to ever take place due to the failed drug test by Jones, most now believe that Lesnar will remain with WWE.

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