Additional Details on Exactly What May Have Caused Owens & Zayn to be Sent Home

-- A new report from Pro Wrestling Sheet indicates that Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens were sent home from the current and ongoing European tour after going against explicit creative directions at the end of the Zayn vs. Kofi Kingston match.

-- According to the report, the finish went as planned and Owens ran in immediately after the pinfall and started beating down on Kingston, however, both he and Zayn were supposed to stick around to allow the other members of the New Day to rush in, fend off Owens and Zayn and thus generate a babyface pop to end the segment. Instead, Owens bailed out of the ring and Zayn soon followed and it all ended awkwardly with both the New Day and the sound crew confused.

-- It seems because the duo went off script, WWE officials decided to send a clear message by sending them home several days earlier than planned. Additionally, this report also suggests that Owen and Zayn have become "slightly difficult to work with lately" and might be unhappy. It should be noted that both wrestlers were close friends with the recently fired Jimmy Jacobs as well as Neville, who walked out of WWE but hasn't been given his release.