*Spoilers* Impact Wrestling On Pop TV Taping Results For 12/7 & 12/14

Following Sunday night's Bound For Glory pay-per-view in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Impact Wrestling held their third straight night of tapings for future episodes of their weekly show on Pop TV.

Featured below, courtesy of ProWrestling.net, is a complete spoiler report from the taping from Wednesday night.

Impact Tapings For December 7th & 14th

1. Petey Williams and Johnny Impact beat Eli Drake and Chris Adonis. Good match with the heels keeping Petey isolated for a long time. Impact gets the pin Adonis with Starship Pain. After the match, Alberto attacks Eli and lays him out, and puts the World Title on him.

In between matches, there was a video for the Children’s Make A Wish Foundation, as there’s about 40 of the children here tonight. And Alberto’s new blonde groupie arrived after the match. A 20-year veteran, Jody Mitic, who lost both of his legs in Afghanistan, was honoured and was the guest ring announcer for the next match.

Xplosion match: Eddie Edwards beat Kaito Kiyomayi. Kaito’s chest a had mark from Eddie’s chops. There was a boy from the Make A Wish Foundation who was the guest bell keeper and he prematurely rang the bell on a near fall by Eddie-he’s only about 7 or 8, so it happens! Eddie won with the Boston Knee Party.

2. Taiji Ishimori. defeated Caleb Konley (w/Trevor Lee). Ishimori wins the 450 splash. Trevor and Caleb try to beat down Taiji, but Desmond Xavier evens things up and they clear the ring.

3. Allie defeated Sienna and Rosemary to qualify for the match for the vacant Knockouts Championship. The faces work together early, but it didn’t last long. The finish came when Allie tried for a Code Breaker move, but Rosemary caught her with The Red Wedding to win and will face Laurel Van Ness for the belt.

4. Alberto El Patron, Petey Williams, and Johnny Impact defeated Chris Adonis, Eli Drake, and Kongo Kong (w/Jimmy Jacobs). When Johnny comes down. Alberto grabs the ring announcer’s chair as if to protect himself. Jacobs, who calls himself “The Princess”, came out with Adonis and Drake, but then said he was not their partner. Jacobs brought out Kongo Kong. Alberto eventually sort of turns on his team with a backstabber to Impact, but stays in the match. Kongo at one point grabs Petey to the outside and powerslams through a barricade by the ramp. Johnny appears to have the pin on Eli after Starship Pain, but Alberto pulls him out, DDT’s him on the ramp, and hits a Frog Splash to steal the pin for his team.

OVE and Sami Callihan trashes Canada, Mexico, and AAA. He says they’re tired of LAX and this feud will come to an end soon. TDT (Dubois and St. Jacques) did a promo in French. Sami told them to speak American and one of them booted Callihan in the face. OVE get the numbers advantage, set up chairs in the ring to put one of DDT through them, but LAX (minus Diamente) chased them off. Santana gets a Canadian flag to hold up along with the others.

5. EC3 fought Matt Sydal to a draw to retain the Impact Grand Championship. Fallah Bahh is one of the judges, and is wearing a black suit jacket with no shirt and his wrestling trunks. EC3 dominates round 1 with power moves to win those round. Sydal does a lot of high spots to win round 2. Sydal goes for a Shooting Star Press late, but EC3 ducks and they both collide heads and stay down until the end of the round. The first judge awarded the match to Ethan, judge two to Matt, and Fallah Bahh declares it 10-10, so the match is a draw, but EC3 retains.

6. Lashley and Dan Lambert defeated Moose and James Storm. All of American Top accompanied Lashley and Lambert, who competed barefoot and did nothing other than attempt pins. He never even took a punch or a bump. The ATT member who still has a neck brace, comes in the ring to stop the match, but he’s thrown out on top of the other guys by Storm. The distraction allows Bobby to get a spear; Lambert makes a blind tag, and gets the cheap pin.

Eli Drake and Chris Adonis are out. Eli complains about the weather in Ottawa. Apparently they’re supposed to be having a match in NJ, which Eli won and Eli’s scheduled for a match in Detroit for BCW (Border City Wrestling). Alberto comes down and wants a one on one match tonight with Drake. Johnny Impact comes down and says to tell the internet he’s going to be in Detroit too, then attacks El Patron and then Drake and Adonis. Johnny holds the title to end the segment.

7. Allie beat Madison Rayne, Sienna, and KC Spinelli in a four-way. Allie wins when Sienna goes for her finisher and rolls her up. I believe this a #1 contenders match.

8. Dezmond Xavier and Taiji Ishimori defeated Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley. Ishimori continues to get the better of Trevor as he pins him with a rollup. Trevor seems so much slower and out of place as the champion, and I hope they get the title off of him soon. There’s so many better programs they can do.

Moose and James Storm. Moose says he’s sick of American Top Team interfering and asks Lashley to come down as he wants in a one on one match. Lashley and Lambert arrive and Bobby accepts Moose’s challenge but on his terms. Storm then tells Lambert he respects Lambert for creating American Top team and that they’re the best MMA training facility, but he calls Dan a piece of crap. He wants a match with Lambert and if he wins, Dan and American Top Team have to leave Impact for good. Lambert counters by saying if he wins, this will be The Cowboy’s last match with the company; Storm agrees. As Bobby and Lambert leave KM tries to sneak attack Storm but he lays him out with The Last Call. I don’t know if KM’s teasing an alliance with ATT, but it seemed that way.

9. Laurel Van Ness defeated Rosemary for the vacant Knockouts Title. Good long match aggressive match by the women. In the end, Rosemary is seated on the top turnbuckle and tries to spit mist on Laurel, but Laurel puts her hand up to Rosemary’s mouth to stop most of the mist from getting on her and rubs it into Rosemary’s eyes (the referee had been pushed out of the way Laurel just and didn’t see what happened). Laurel then fools up with an Unprettier with Rosemary still on the top rope to win her first KO’s title. Interesting choice, but good to see her get a title run. They mentioned this air on Dec. 14th.

10. Eli Drake defeated Alberto El Patron and Johnny impact in Six Sides of Steel cage match to retain the Impact Wrestling Championship. The title could be won by pinfall or escaping the cage. This was also a Genesis themed show, but they didn’t say when it would be airing. At one point, Johnny was on top of the cafe and both men were down but he decided to do a huge cross body onto both men. Later on as he was trying to scale down the cage, he jumped but Chris Adonis caught him and held him as Eli climbed down first to retain. Alberto was down inside the cage and he couldn’t escape in time either. I’m getting annoyed of Adonis constantly interfering.